• Affordable. Easy to use. Secure. Proven
  • affordable * easy to use * scalable * secure * proven
  • workflow automation | self-service tools | collaboration tools

Easy, Self-Managed Communications

  • Respond to Changing Healthcare Regulations
  • Centralize Management of On-Call Schedules
  • Better Prepare for Emergencies
  • Improve Access to Information

Specialists in Small & Rural Hospitals

  • Replace Outdated Systems
  • Automate Management of Policies and Procedures
  • Promote Internal Communication & Collaboration
  • Respond to Changing Healthcare Requirements  

Frees Up IT Staff

  • Decentralize publication of electronic information
  • Connect EHR and Clinical Records
  • Connect Mission-Critical IT Systems
  • Provide User-Specific Dashboards
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder

Hospital Intranet Software

Content. Collaboration. Culture.

The HospitalPortal.net Intranet Portal is a web communications solution designed specifically for healthcare and hospital environments.

Get “audit ready” with HospitalPortal.net -- A complete healthcare intranet to streamline information, improve communication and connect data systems across the entire organization.  

Browse our learning library to learn what’s taking place in the hospital software industry today, or read the Hospital Portal blog to get the latest news and product features.

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Can We Afford It?

We understand the financial challenges faced by the healthcare industry and can often provide a solution that is within reach. Tell us about your needs we can provide a quote based on your unique situation.

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How Long Will it Take to Implement?

Our fully functional tools are ready to go out of the box, meaning your intranet could be ready to use in a few weeks. After a hands-on training , authorized users will be able to securely manage their content.

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Is This Right for Us ?

HospitalPortal.net is exclusively for the healthcare industry. Let us guide you through this important phase of growth. See how Edwards County Hospital used HospitalPortal.net to  solve two critical challenges.

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Can We Do This Right Now?

HospitalPortal.net unlocks access to information, decreases the duplication of effort and ensures better, automated management of policies and procedures, while freeing IT staff to focus on EHRs and other critical clinical systems.





Specialists in Hospitals & Healthcare Settings

Two challenges faced Edwards County Hospital in November 2010 — internal communications and policy and procedure management. Find out how Hospital Portal helped tackle these big challenges.


Trusted Name in Healthcare Since 1998

With 13 acute care hospitals in Northern and Southern California, Prime Healthcare Services needed a single intranet portal for every workstation in all facilities. It found the answer with Hospital Portal.


Maintain Accreditation

With 1,000 staff members, 120 daily surgical procedures and 260 affiliated physicians, Union Hospital needed an intranet that could keep up with the growth.




Let our healthcare intranet experts be your guide in preparing your facility for tomorrow’s healthcare requirements. We’ll show you how to improve your processes, engage staff, centralize the management of policies, procedures and documents, improve culture and morale and much more! See the hospital portal demo to learn more or call one of our specialists to discuss your situation: (866) 580-7700 ext. 1

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Incase You Missed It...



Getting a New Intranet: How and Why Best Practices


The days of looking at an internal communication hub as merely a luxury are long gone. While easy, quick access to pertinent information is becoming a standard in our personal lives, having this same type of urgency and accessibility in a professional, hospital environment is equally, if not more, important. As Community Hospital (McCook, NE) has discovered, implementing an intranet is a perfect way to do this! Whether you’re starting from scratch, coming from a home-grown intranet, or switching intranet vendors, implementing a new intranet may seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! It’s not as intimidating as you may think. During this webinar, we will cover: 

• Reasons for an intranet 
• Tips and Best Practices for a successful implementation 
• Implementation Project Management 
• Graphics/Look & Feel 
• Compliance/Policies Management 
• Community Hospital’s real-life game plan and execution of their intranet implementation 

View Webinar


Recorded on: 

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015
12:00 - 1:00 PM CST



Helping you with hospital and healthcare communication, collaboration and culture

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5 Benefits of Publishing Hospital-Wide Content on Your Intranet

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Getting a New Intranet: How and Why Best Practices

If you ever thought about what the process of bringing a intranet into your facility would be like, YOU HAVE TO CATCH THIS WEB SEMINAR! HospitalPortal.net is co-sponsoring with NRHA as well as having...Read more

Policy and Procedure System Implementation Starts Long Before Roll-out

Last week I had an opportunity to work closely with an amazing internal project lead at one of our clients on a multi facility implementation of HospitalPortal.net policy and procedure software....Read more

Thinking About an Intranet Implementation?

Thinking About an
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