The Most Bang For Your Buck: Social Media Tools To Enhance Marketing

By Anne Sweeney | 3/28/17 11:00 AM

Social media is a prime spot that users turn to for news and information, not only from friends and family bigstock-Woman-Typing-Phone-Message-On--145573157.jpgmembers, but also with brands, companies and organizations they interact with. That said, in the healthcare sector, it’s important to utilize social media in a professional and on brand manner to communicate, engage and build trust with patients and potential patients. 

Dedicating effort to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, and other sites is it’s own challenge that eats up time, especially if you’re not sure what to post, what content works best for each channel, or what times are the most optimal. Many social media marketing tools and applications exist to do the heavy lifting and make these tasks easier on your marketing team. However, some offer different features than others, so it’s important to choose one that works best for you organization and company.

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The Benefits of Software as a Service

By Giuliana LaMantia | 3/21/17 11:00 AM

When it comes to Intranet and Policy Management Software, there are two primary options: bigstock-Saas--Software-As-A-Service-C-130121411.jpginstalled software or Software as a Service (SaaS). Throughout the years, cloud computing has become increasingly more popular in the healthcare sector. However, both solutions offer different advantages. Installed software typically offers more customization, more control over features, and more in-depth integration. On the other hand, healthcare clients are beginning to opt for hosted solutions due to its quick and flexible implementation, user-friendliness, typically lower upfront costs, and much more.

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What You Need To Know About The DOJ Evaluation Of Compliance Programs

By Anne Sweeney | 3/14/17 11:00 AM

Last month, the Department of Justice Fraud Section released an Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Depositphotos_25940271_xs.jpgPrograms Guide. The guide hones in on 11 topics, providing numerous questions within each topic to be asked while evaluating the compliance of a company. Specifically, the questions are posed in a way to evaluate after something has already fallen through in the compliance program, in an effort to bring things back to standards.

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How Marketing Is Changing In 2017

By Jason Oshita | 3/7/17 11:00 AM

With technology, culture and trends always evolving, its only makes sense that marketers need to Depositphotos_10284510_xs.jpgupdate the way that they communicate with their audience as times change. Greystone published a 2-part article about the marketing trends they predict to see for 2017, covering areas like content, channels, customers, technology and techniques. Now that we are well into 2017, we looked back and have listed some of our favorite takeaways here – from the trends we have seen, to the ones we’ve tried to incorporate, to the great ideas we have yet to implement!

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Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Today and Everyday

By Giuliana LaMantia | 3/3/17 11:00 AM

Every member of the team works to advance your organization. That said, it’s important to express employee apprecation blog.jpgappreciation for each role, whether large or small, for what they do. Taking the time to recognize your employees ensures that workers feel welcome and needed, and it can only impact your organization and culture in a positive way.

Employee Appreciation Day takes place March 3, and we think today is as good of a time as ever to show your employees that you appreciate them. However, it’s a good idea to show positive reinforcement to your staff not just today, but on a regular basis. Day-to-day recognition creates a sense of meaning and purpose for employees. In honor of the holiday, we’ve put together some ideas you can use to express appreciation to your team members any day.

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Why Your Organization Should Attend the Strategic Internal Communications Conference

By Giuliana LaMantia | 2/28/17 11:00 AM

The Advanced Learning Institute’s (ALI) 2nd Strategic Internal Communications for Health Care takes Depositphotos_42038337_original.jpg
place April 19-21 in Chicago. The conference will host successful organizations and speakers to share their experiences, hear your stories, and talk all things communication and healthcare-oriented. The best part? If you register for this event before March 3, you’ll save $400! What is better than that you ask? If you mention into the promo code, you can receive an additional $200 off! If you do end up attending, come find us, we will have a booth too.


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Helpful Resources to Apply For Grants

By Anne Sweeney | 2/21/17 11:00 AM

With Congress pushing to repeal or change the Affordable Care Act, the future of healthcare remains Depositphotos_28276819_m.jpgambiguous, leaving organizations and patients in a state of limbo. While smaller organizations and rural hospitals already rely heavily on government funding for new programs and services to provide to their patients, we realize that you may be worried or strapped for cash more than ever with the current situation at hand.

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The Challenges of Onboarding Employees and How an Intranet Can Help

By Jason Oshita | 2/14/17 11:00 AM

Assimilating into a new role is exciting for both parties. New hires look forward to the opportunities Depositphotos_24863797_original.jpgpresented at their new company, while the company can’t wait to see what their new employees will bring to the table. However, in the healthcare industry and beyond, onboarding new employees comes with it’s own set of challenges. Here are some of the common struggles faced in those first couple of weeks, along with the features of an employee portal that are meant to assist with those challenges.

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Ensure Your Intranet Is HIPAA Compliant

By Giuliana LaMantia | 2/7/17 11:00 AM

Utilizing an Intranet comes with a number of positives, such as enhanced collaboration, organization, andbigstock-Hipaa-Compliance-Icon-Graphic-136884638.jpg management to name a few. However, like any organization process or product, an Intranet also comes with the responsibility of keeping information secure and private.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 sets a standard for healthcare organizations in terms of security. HIPAA’s strict Privacy Rule and Security Rule of 2003 is especially important for companies using Intranets to warrant that all private health information is protected from unauthorized users.


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How Your Long-Term Care Organization Can Utilize A Policy Manager

By Anne Sweeney | 1/31/17 11:00 AM

Long-term care organizations have had their fair share of critique in terms of cost and competitiveness. Policy_ProcedureP&SImage.pngThat said, those with loved ones in a nursing home, assisted living, etc. want to know that they are receiving the best possible care. Like any healthcare or medical establishment, keeping up-to-date on policies and procedures is major. Not only does it keep you compliant and audit ready, but it ensures your patients are receiving leading care. A policies and procedures management system can work wonders. Besides assisting with compliance, it keeps documents organized, automates workflow to make you more efficient, and integrates easily with your existing portal or system. Here are some of the highlight features of a policy manager that will be most beneficial to your long-term care organization.

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