Enhance internal Communications With a Hospital Intranet

By HospitalPortal.net | 1/9/18 12:00 PM


It’s no secret that hospitals are large establishments with many moving departments staffed with doctors, nurses, support staff, and more. In order to establish seamless communications between people and departments, it is imperative to have a solid system in place. Efficient communication in a hospital setting is critical for success. Let’s explore how an Intranet can enhance your communications and lead you to success.

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Policy Management Automation Leads to ROI in Healthcare

By Anne Sweeney | 12/26/17 12:00 PM


It's no secret that well-managed policies and procedures can save your facility money and even increase your profits. Everyone in health care policy management can reap the benefits. But here, we will take a more serious look at your ROI.

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Healthcare Organizations Receive Top Awards

By Anne Sweeney | 12/12/17 12:00 PM


This fall we’ve had a great deal of inspiring moments that we’d love to share. Many of our clients have been nationally recognized for their amazing Intranets. Some of the award providers include the Digital Health Awards and the Pelican Awards. Both of these award groups have been recognizing healthcare organizations for their digital innovations for over 20 years. Through their dedicated award submission efforts, these select clients below were able to demonstrate creativity in functionality, content, and overall exceptional design to win awards for their organizations. We’re so happy we can honor them again today for their outstanding Intranets.

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Ice cream, Soda, and Rx

By Giuliana LaMantia | 12/5/17 1:58 PM

PennDrug Collage.png

Article to be featured in Rural Horizons  Magazine (Office Publication for the NRHA) in the January/February 2018 Issue. 

The small town of Sidney is home to one of the only remaining old-fashioned soda fountains in Southwest Iowa. It resides in a place the locals call “Penn’s,” along with coffee, food, and a gift shop. It even has a soft-serve ice cream machine.   Penn’s, officially named Penn Drug Co., is also the oldest pharmacy in Iowa, and a staple of the town.

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Top IT Initiatives for Quality Healthcare

By Jason Oshita | 11/28/17 10:00 AM


Healthcare IT protects the data necessary to achieve quality service. Protecting healthcare data is the heart of quality healthcare; it determines what changes are necessary for improvements, allows comparison of performance indicators and helps to proactively evaluate current practices. Here are five of the must-haves for IT effectiveness that can improve a healthcare organization's ability to deliver quality service.

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The Main Benefits of a Hospital Intranet

By Anne Sweeney | 11/14/17 7:00 PM

Is sharing a new policy with employees taking a lot of time? Do your employees have no idea about the latest updates and changes? If yes, you need a hospital intranet. No more policies on paper or network drives. With a centralized intranet, every person in your company will always know where to find the latest information about the hospital, their position, and requirements. Below, you can find the main reasons for switching to an intranet.

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5 Helpful Ideas For Intranet Maintenance And Upkeep

By Jason Oshita | 10/10/17 11:00 AM

Your medical Intranet keeps your workflow in check and your communications consolidated. However, depositphotos_checklist_xs.jpglike any program, there are some general housekeeping tasks you can implement to ensure everything runs like a fine-oiled machine. Here are some maintenance tips for your Intranet to help keep everything up-to-date.

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10 Great Healthcare-Related Articles From September 2017

By Anne Sweeney | 10/3/17 11:00 AM

With September recently behind us and Fall in full swing, we thought we’d round up some health-bigstock-Newspaper--124701458.jpgrelated articles we’ve read throughout September to share with you. Each story or blog presents information different from the next, from power poses to flu season to rural health. With each of these 10 articles focusing on different topics, we hope you can find something of interest to you!

Happy reading!

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How An Intranet Can Help You Remain Compliant With IRC Section 501(r)

By Jason Oshita | 9/26/17 11:00 AM

The IRS is amping up enforcement when it comes to IRC Section 501(r) in the form of field Depositphotos_15659611_xs.jpgexaminations. The rule ensures that charitable hospitals are tax-exempt and explains the criteria to remain exempt. However, organizations found not adhering to all criteria can lead to hefty fines and audits of other areas such as payroll, benefits, etc. That said, it’s important to make sure your care center remains compliant with this section. Here are some quick ways that you can utilize your Intranet to help you follow criteria to remain tax exempt.

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How an Intranet and Policy Management System Help You Stay Organized While Balancing Quality Patient Care With Increasing Productivity Demands

By Giuliana LaMantia | 9/19/17 11:00 AM

Productivity demands across hospitals and care centers have been on the rise, and they’re bigstock-Team-of-happy-doctors-working--91889087.jpgonly increasing. With healthcare employees juggling more patients, added on training, and multiple other tasks, it can be a challenge to maintain the same amount of quality care towards patients. The patient comes first, but the work must still be done. That said, it’s imperative to have an organized system and time management. An Intranet and Policy Management System can help you do just that – while streamlining tasks. That way, you can increase productivity while your patients are still the constant focus.

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