Are You Ready For November 16th? Here’s An Emergency Preparedness Checklist

By Anne Sweeney | 9/12/17 11:00 AM

September is National Preparedness Month, and while it typically speaks to families and home life,bigstock--135665363.jpg we see it as an opportunity to talk about the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule. Especially with the November 16th deadline approaching.

We know you’ve been working all year to ensure your organization is compliant with CMS’s new standards. At HospitalPORTAL, we want to help as much as we can. So as you enter the final stretch, here is a checklist we’ve put together for you to ensure you meet the standards.

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Are You Protected From Ransomware Attacks?

By Jason Oshita | 11/29/16 11:00 AM

Ransomware targets users of all kind, from home users, businesses, organizations, and more. If this bigstock-Computer-Labtop-Display-Icon-F-109263626.jpg
malware threat infects your practice, the results can be destructive. From education to prevention training, there are many ways to keep these attacks at bay.

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Using Your Intranet for Hospital Emergency Preparedness

By Anne Sweeney | 2/10/16 11:16 AM

Are_you_readyThe use of an Intranet is a proven way for hospitals to plan, prepare and respond to emergencies.  A most recent example of this is how our east coast clients were able to use their Intranets to communicate with staff, physicians, and stakeholders during one of the biggest snowfalls since 2006. These severe weather conditions caused enormous disruptions of normal activities in hospitals and other businesses. With the help of their Intranets, our clients were able to establish an infrastructure to enhance efficient communication among the staff and engage all of the concerned stakeholders to respond appropriately to the emergency.

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Putting MBQIP Flex Grant Funds to Work in Healthcare Quality

By Anne Sweeney | 8/5/14 10:27 AM

Grant fundingQuality leaders at US hospitals today are buried in a flurry of new requirements, programs and regulations.  One such program that comes with a silver lining in the form of grant funding is MBQIP—Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Program.  Flex grants are administered by each state through State Offices of Rural Health.

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A Tornado is coming. What does your hospital do?

By Anne Sweeney | 11/20/13 2:11 PM

Emergency CommunicationLast Sunday, November 17, was a very sad day for the state of Illinois as well as for other areas across the Midwest.  The town of Washington, IL was pretty much leveled.  As my family was glued to the TV trying to figure out what to do based on the ominous forecast, I couldn't help thinking of the hospitals that lied in the likely path of the enormous storm. 

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Event Recap: Healthcare Internet Conference

By Anne Sweeney | 11/19/13 12:06 PM

Brooks Betts and Chris Heinl at "Too Much Information?" sessionThis year's Healthcare Internet Conference was, as always, chock full of good advice for healthcare's avid "webbies" for lack of a better word. Only at a conference as prolific as this one could a session track be named "SoLoMo" with no further explanation.  Gotta love it!

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Hurricane Sandy 1 year later… is your hospital better prepared?

By George Ciesielski | 10/24/13 8:54 AM

Emergency PreparednessHumans have only evolved through the ages because we adapt and learn from past events.  Is your hospital any more prepared for the next natural disaster or emergency 1 year after the lessons of Hurricane Sandy?  We heard numerous times from our affected East coast hospitals that during the disaster the hospital’s Intranet was the go-to source for updates and emergency information during the crisis.  Some even said they couldn’t have lived without the intranet!  If your hospital’s intranet is not currently capable of assisting in an emergency you should prepare now before the next crisis arises.

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Is your hospital's intranet optimized for Emergency Response?

By George Ciesielski | 3/8/13 1:34 PM

Incident Command System CommunicationWhen an emergency is underway where will your employees turn for information and guidance?  Your intranet!  The question is does your organization’s intranet site effectively disseminate    the information that the staff needs to properly handle an emergency or disaster?

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Overcoming the Challenges of Hospital Security

By Anne Sweeney | 12/28/12 2:57 PM
by Dev Raheja, Author-Safer Hospital CareHospital Emergency Preparedness

A recent tragedy like what took place in Newtown, Connecticut where 20 elementary children and six adults were killed by a mentally disturbed young man, can happen even in hospitals. In fact, it happened at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 2010. A gunman killed himself and his mother, who was a patient there, and wounded her doctor.

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