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Simplified Custom Report Generation in PDF or Excel Formats

  • Run Document In-Effect Reports by Date Range
  • View Documents Pending Action and Document Timeline Reports
  • Display Top Viewed and Recently Updated Documents On Any Page
  • Highlight

ComplyALIGN, our policies and procedures system, comes with a number of very helpful reports to monitor and track your organization’s compliance. You can choose from a list of built-in reporting tools or access admin consoles for easy exporting in multiple formats such as PDFs, Word, and Excel outputs.



  • Searched Keyword Listing
  • Page Statistic Summary or Detailed Report
  • Document View Summary
  • Documents Pending Action
  • Top Viewed Documents
  • Document Timeline Reports
  • Complete Revision History
  • Summary of Changes
  • Recently Updated Documents
  • Forms Results
  • Easily Integrates with Google Analytics
  • View Likes
  • View Comments
  • Document in Effect

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Accountability and Comprehension:

  • Policy Quizzes
  • Read Acknowledgement Status Reports
  • Notice of Acceptance


  • Policy Charts
  • Documents by Due Date
  • Notice of Acceptance
  • My Tasks
  • Upcoming Document Reviews 12 Month
  • Ticket Tracking – My Ticket Status
  • My Owned Documents

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