A to Z Guide to a Policy Implementation at a Rural Hospital

Throughout the health care system in the United States, it is necessary for professionals at every level of the system to balance cost efficiency and regulatory compliance and risk, usually all at the same time. For rural hospitals facing closures, these concerns are even more critical.

One-way rural hospitals can stand out is by having their policies and procedures properly managed, standardized and communicated to everyone in the organization. Over the past few years, vendors have been developing policy management system software that can provide numerous benefits to the rural health care communities. Today's webinar is going to highlight the best practices of a policy management implementation for a rural hospital. We hope this webinar will serve as a general guide for selecting a system, implementing the product and what to look for.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why a policy management system is needed
  • What are the typical features and why they are applicable
  • Pros and cons of hosted vs installed solutions
  • Types of training available and needed
  • Implementation approach
  • Pros and cons of a full and partial upload
  • Bonus Features/Other Uses
  • Real-life scenario of use
Who Should Attend: 
Anyone involved in a compliance role or the policy review process: moderators, authors, reviewers, and approvers. 

For more information about the ComplyALIGN Policy Manager - please visit us here:



Leveraging an Intranet for Emergency Preparedness and Response

Use your Intranet to prioritize all of the things that have to take place in challenging situations!

In this On-Demand Webinar, we highlight the features of an Intranet that can be leveraged for Emergency Preparedness and Response. You will learn how you can create awareness, train staff, and alert your organization quickly during a crisis using your Intranet as a communication tool.

What you will learn: 

  • Training resources and videos
  • Class registration
  • Links to emergency contact directories
  • Job action sheets
  • Emergency preparedness plans
  • Emergency action wizards
  • Scroller feature indicating emergency condition
  • Manage staff schedules
  • Ticket management
  • And more!

By streamlining your emergency management activities, you can improve your employee’s competencies which will result in better care to your patients.



Ransomware Prevention and Response Using Your Intranet

Ransomware attacks have quadrupled in 2016, and they remain a large concern for hospitals and healthcare organizations. It is imperative that you educate, engage, and create awareness on the topic to prevent attacks from hitting your IT infastrucure. An Intranet can help you create a more risk conscious culture regarding Ransomware. Most attacks happen due to uneducated staff not knowing what they can and can't do regarding personal devices, email content, internet use and so on. By using an Intranet as the communication vehicle to distribute information you can successfully educate, engage, and create awareness about Ransomware Preparedenss. With simple alert mechanisms, dedicated pages on Ransomware, chain of command, action sheets and more, your organization can seamless responnd quickly to an attack and keep your staff, physicians and stakeholders updated on the resolution.

What you will learn:

  • Best practices for developing a Ransomware Program
  • Common challenges for implementing an effective program
  • Strategies for managing the prevention and response
  • Intranet features that can assist with preparedness and response
  • Technical considerations of a Ransomware attack
  • IT security best practics for dealing with Ransomware attacks




Best Practices: Internal Communication in a Rural Hospital Setting

An intranet should serve as the centralized communication hub for your staff, physicians, board members and stakeholders. Whether it be for distributing vital information, providing a team workspace to collaborate or sharing news with upper level management, your intranet should be the "go to" place. And just like with any other website, internal or external-facing, how you market your intranet will play a big part in the success of this initiative.

This educational webinar will focus on internal communications. We will be co-presenting with Angela Novak, Client Services Director at H2M in Fargo, North Dakota. Angela knows firsthand how to unify the power of internal healthcare communications. With 15 years of professional healthcare experience, Angela offers seasoned leadership, thinking, planning, and execution approaches to healthcare marketing, strategy, and communication needs.

We are excited to be partnering with H2M to deliver this webinar on utilizing your intranet to foster better communication and engagement within your organization.

What you will learn: 

  • Key tips for publishing relevant content on your Intranet
  • How to better distribute and present vital information to your staff
  • Ways to engage your employees with your content
  • How to encourage collaboration amongst staff
  • Tools for providing leadership with valuable staff feedback
  • How to incorporate the above ideas and concepts into your Intranet


Are You Compliant and CMS Survey Ready?

ArChoices.jpge you compliant and CMS survey ready? What types of information should you be monitoring and tracking to stay compliant? How can you prepare and train your staff? What tools can you use to help your organization develop an effective CMS compliance program? A huge part of staying compliant is having the right technology in place to keep you risk-free. We will share best practices of an effective CMS compliance program, key success tips for CMS compliance, and compliance automation so your organization can perform a self-audit at a moment’s notice.

What you will learn: 

  • Key information for CMS compliance 
  • Tips for an effective compliance program 
  • Addressing challenges with CMS compliance 
  • How technology can assist with compliance