INTRANET SOFtware for Ambulatory Surgery Centers


Ambulatory Surgery Centers (otherwise known as ASCs) are transforming the way consumers and patients receive same-day care. These modern health care facilities are focused on providing an alternative to outpatient surgical care, diagnostic and preventive procedures. The convenience of these types of healthcare centers has gained  awareness among consumers throughout the U.S. With this recognition and consistent growth, it is no surprise that keeping ambulatory surgery center communications streamlined and managing policies, procedures and standards are an important objective to maintaining high-quality care at these unique facilities. Information Technology is extremely important to the effectiveness of an ambulatory surgery center.  HospitalPORTAL offers an Intranet and Policy Management System to assist you in maintaining your organization's technology infrastructure.

Today’s ASCs have many of the same challenges as hospitals. Connecting staff, physicians and management across multiple surgical centers, managing standards and protocols, and training and educating staff are priorities for these alternative healthcare facilities. 

HospitalPORTAL has been working with hospitals and healthcare organizations since 1999. Our healthcare-featured Intranet software supports many of the vital and critical business processes of an ASC. By utilizing an Intranet and Policy Management system, ASCs can streamline their clinical and business operations, and enhance their bottom line all while remaining compliant with the ever-evolving regulatory criteria they are faced with.

Advantages to ASCs:  Depositphotos_81724832_original.jpg

  • Digital Policy Management
  • Maintaining Accreditation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Physician On Call Scheduling 
  • Physician Directories
  • Physician Portals
  • News Distribution
  • Training and Education
  • Contract Management
  • Event Management

How do ASCs compete with hospital-based care and stay relevant in communities? 

In order to stay relevant and competitive, ASCs must maintain their standards to continue to provide care at reduced costs. Additionally, ASCs must retain quality staff and physicians to keep operating successful surgical centers. Empowered and equipped workforces are essential to all healthcare organizations. Education, patient safety awareness, training, standardization are key factors in the operation of the modern ASC. Convenience is equally important to the success of an ASC. If a facility cannot produce the same standards of care quickly and effectively, patients might seek hospital-based procedures instead. 

There are many advantages to a healthcare Intranet and Policy Management content management system for ASCs. This content management system can assist ASCs by providing simplified and centralized access to vital information including policies and procedures management. In order to keep the costs lower for outpatient-based procedures, ASCs must maintain their accreditation and CMS compliance. By utilizing an Intranet for an ASC, your organization can experience improved communication capabilities across employees, staff, and stakeholders. By connecting staff through a centralized communication portal, ASCs can increase productivity among staff and physicians allowing facilities to streamline and maintain convenient, cost-effective care.

Additional advantages would be automating manual tasks ensuring that all staff are performing the same standards of care. Social tools, two-way communication features like forums, blogs, and collaboration pages can all promote positive engagement between staff and leadership so care is administered more consistently. Finally, there is little to no strain on IT to incorporate this system into your organization. Decentralized content management frees up IT staff so they can focus on more elaborate technical tasks. With simple editing and publishing tools, an ASC can use an Intranet to easily distribute vital news, events, and corporate and clinical policies across multiple departments, employee groups, physicians, board members and more.

Depositphotos_25940271_xs.jpg Benefits to Ambulatory Surgical Centers

  • Security & Privacy
  • Active Directory Integration for Seamless Viewing and Editing Rights
  • Intuitive Navigation with Smart Search Engine
  • ComplyALIGN: Our built-in Policies and Procedures Tool – Reviews, Revisions, and Approval Workflows
  • Forms & Workflows - Complex Form Creation to Automate all Manual Read/Sign Forms
  • Comprehensive Healthcare Features Library
    • Departmental and Global Calendars
    • Content Subscription on News and Events
    • Call Schedules
    • Physician Rosters
    • Leadership Dashboards
    • Ticket Management
    • Class Registrations
    • Social Engagement
    • Emergency Preparedness
    • And More!

Learn more about our Intranet and ComplyALIGN, our policy management system, and find out how you can easily promote a culture of self-service, and better, easier communication across all of your surgical centers and staff. For more internal communications resources or communication automation, please visit our resource center for blog articles, webinars and eBooks & eGuides. 

Download our eGuide, How Your ASC Can Utilize an Intranet For Infection Control Compliance to learn more!

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Client Testimonials

Testimonial Prime Healthcare

“Now, during surveys or state mandated investigations, whenever a surveyor asks for policies and procedures on a particular item, the person can go in a workstation and obtain the information in seconds.  This was almost turn-ey and our IT department customized all 13 sites from the platform in just weeks.”

Jason LaMarca

Corporate Marketing Manager & Webmaster
Prime Healthcare Services, Inc., California

Testimonial Henry County Health Center

HospitalPORTAL has been a valuable and trusted vendor of our organization for quite some time. We use their Intranet Portal product as a tool to communicate important information to our associates and provide them access to a variety of documents, policies and procedures. Their Intranet Portal product including the automated Policies & Procedures Manager is a dependable and reliable tool our organization utilizes daily. We’ve found their staff to be professional, helpful and responsive to our needs. I would highly recommend their products and services to your organization."

Stacy Speidel

IT Manager, Henry County Health Center, Iowa