• Maintain and Improve Regulatory Compliance
  • Audit Ready Reports
  • Automatically Archive Documents
  • Avoid Corporate Risks with Iron-Clad Audit Trails

Our Policy Management system will help your organization to enhance patient safety, avoid risks, improve your ROI all while saving you valuable time and giving you the confidence of a secure audit trail. 

One very important report that can help with an upcoming survey or a legal issue is our Document in Effect report. This report is available to authenticated users with admin rights and allows the user to enter a date range to pull up all policies in effect during that time. This can be exported in the reporting view or you can easily click on a link and review that policy right from there. 

Version control with automatic archiving stores employee’s actions providing more thorough reporting and support for audits.



User access logs can show what policies have been viewed, when they were read and who has read them. The Audit Log is only available to users with Edit permissions to the document tree component. The information in the audit log is fully searchable.

By automating your policy management workflow, your compliance staff, risk managers, and other designated staff can help maintain your accreditation with ease. 

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