10 Super Ideas for Promoting Your Hospital’s Intranet

10 Super Ideas

Tips_to_keep_Hospital_Intranet_engaging_by_HospitalPortalThe decision to deploy a new Intranet solution in your hospital may be simpler than getting people to make use of it. People often become accustomed to a specific workflow or they may seem resistant to change, even if it will improve the efficiency of their job in the long run. We’ve put together a list of 10 great ideas to help promote your hospital’s Intranet and attract more interest for people who enjoy the social aspects of their job.

  1. Promote Success: Use the Intranet to share any awards or other successes achieved by the hospital or the hardworking staff. Posting success stories or employee of the month will allow people to come together in a congratulatory manner and increase motivation.
  2. Create a Schedule for New Content: Content marketing thrives on the release of consistently scheduled content. Create a schedule for new content and make sure you can stick to it so that people know which day of the week to check for specific information.
  3. Brand Your Product: Make sure your Intranet is reflective of your brand’s colors, culture, and mission. Keep your Intranet consistent with your brand, make sure your logo is always top of mind and easily seen.
  4. Customize the Color Scheme: Keep it clean and easy to read, but customize the application where you can. You may, for example, choose to use light pastel colors for spring or Easter; consider using green for St. Patrick’s Day or hearts and flowers for Valentine’s Day. Bring attention to upcoming holidays and events using different colors for the Intranet.
  5. Scheduling: Using a scheduling manager to auto post and expire events lets you continue working while easily scheduling upcoming, future events such as parties, special community events, or other important gatherings.
  6. Support Text with Images: Easy to use image editors allow you to post images and videos across your Intranet. Use photos from previous events to spur interest in upcoming events. Last year’s company picnic pictures will likely make others decide to attend this year’s picnic.
  7. Keep it Clean: A clean and simple Intranet is easier to navigate. Placing content in consistent places on the Intranet, helps users create a familiarity with the presented information. This will help with adoption and use of the system. The information and architecture of the site should be easy to scan and easy for users to access vital information quickly.
  8. Inspirational Quotes: We don’t recommend getting cheesy, but sharing an inspirational quote of the week or quote of the day can create engagement between staff. Use the blog feature and enable comments to increase interaction between staff.
  9. Use Themes: You’ve probably noticed that people on social media websites enjoy participating in themed days such as Throwback Thursday or Photo Friday, or even Man Crush Monday. This type of theme encourages people to share information. Consider introducing a Photo Friday that invites people to share pictures of their pets or their children.
  10. Experiment: There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with your hospital Intranet software to see what works best in your organization’s situation. Make sure your Intranet vendor has the ability to help with any additional customization.

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