3 Great Intranet Features Hospital Pharmacies Love

3 Great Intranet Features

An Intranet is an incredible asset to a hospital pharmacy. Besides being a centralized Depositphotos_25940271_xs.jpgcommunication system between pharmacy staff and the rest of the organization, it provides many features to advance the department. From publishing pharmaceutical information, managing your unique policies and procedures, to providing security for department materials, an Intranet creates a robust and resourceful space for your pharmacy. Read on to learn more.

Content Management System

Intranets offer a robust content management system, making editing and publishing information a breeze. For pharmacy, this means publishing materials such as Formulator Tools, Administration Restrictions, Drug Therapy Tools, Inventory Status and Stability Information, Pathways, Drip Charts, Standard Drip Concentrations and others. With an intuitive navigation system and smart search engine, users will be able to find these materials easily, making for reduced information requests and freeing up resources for other work.

More information on the Content Management system here.

Built in Policies and Procedures

The pharmacy policies and procedures management tool is published directly on the Intranet, making documents easily and centrally located. With the P&P tool, users will no longer need to manually print and distribute documents, saving time and paper. The automated systems allows pharmacy staff to review, revise and approve documents digitally. It comes well equipped with quick and intuitive search tools, role-based access features, and tagging options for a more robust search.

More information on P&P here.

View and Access Security Controls

While your pharmacy staff may publish public information, the security measures an Intranet provides allows them to publish private material to only be accessed within the department as well, such as a secure internal contact list. Different types of rights include: View rights, individual pages, individual components on a page, edit rights, page group administrator, portal administrator, and much more. The security controls include flexible security and authentication frameworks, meaning they will integrate seamlessly with your organization’s Active Directory.

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