3 Intranet Features that Improve Hospital HR Communication

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Electronic HR CommunicationThe Human Resources department has a great deal of pertinent information for every single employee in the hospital. Quick and efficient communication is essential to running a hospital at its best. If the staff has to take time out of their day to stroll down to HR for information or a request, it can take valuable time away from the HR department and the employee. A healthcare intranet provides the opportunity to improve efficiency with tools that help communicate HR content to everyone in the hospital. In this post I’ll introduce three tools that the intranet can provide to help.

One great human resources department tool that is included in some intranets is a chat feature. This internal communication tool features offer a quick and easy way to instant message someone with a question or comment. This is great for those important but quick questions that HR gets frequently. The great thing about chat that it is more convenient than a phone call. When someone receives a phone call, typically they have to drop what they’re doing to pick up the phone, sometimes causing a frustrating interruption. With chat, you can finish up with what you were doing and reply at your leisure. It’s also more instant than email because you don’t have to sift through an inbox to respond to a message. Chat is a great tool that can help with productivity as well as getting information and answers to staff effectively.

Another tool that will help with internal communication for the HR department would be blogs. Blogs are a great way to keep staff updated with the latest changes in HR policies or other HR related news. The good thing about blogs is that they feed into an RSS reader. An RSS reader is a program that aggregates articles and blog postings from all over the net into one convenient place. HopsitalPORTAL clients really like this feature in their hospital intranet because it brings what information is most important to them all in one spot. So, if the Human Resources department writes a blog post, staff can automatically see the post in their RSS reader component.

An online discussion forum is also a great way to boost your Human Resources department’s ability to communicate hospital-wide.Having a place on the intranet where staff can go to start discussions and ask questions can do wonders for reducing time consuming calls and office visits.Instead, users can go to the intranet to ask questions.A benefit of the discussion forum is that users can look back at posts to see if their questions was already asked and answered by someone else.This is a great way to reduce getting the same questions over and over.

Forums, chat and blogs are excellent ways to improve hospital-wide communication for your Human Resources department.All of these tools are available out of the box with HospitalPORTAL. You can find out more about how HospitalPORTAL can help your hospital’s HR communication by watching our recent webinar on this topic below.

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