3 Ways to Use an Intranet for New Hire On-boarding

New Hire On-boarding

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Bringing on a new member to your team is a very involved process. There is a learning curve for your employee who is new to your systems and processes and there is also a lot of information to input so that your new employee can get started in their new position. One of the ways to make this process smoother is by managing the on-boarding process using your company’s Intranet. An Intranet is a powerful tool and a central hub of information that contains a variety of features to facilitate the on-boarding process seamlessly.

Involve your new hire at the start of their employment

Rather than waiting for your new hire to start their position before introducing them to key components of the job, it is actually more beneficial to start the on-boarding process ahead of time. Once your new hire has been officially hired, they can receive a login and password to access the company Intranet. This allows them to begin familiarizing themselves with company policies and procedures. By providing them with access before their first day, they can begin browsing the information at their own pace and they can also feel more included into the company culture by the time they actually begin their first day of employment.

Use the Intranet to share and collaborate on new hire checklists

Understanding expectations is a key component of ensuring new employee success and on the job performance from the very first day. By sharing these checklists with management as well as with new employees via the company Intranet, everyone can be on the same page with regards to expectations and performance.

Some of the key components that the checklist should include are:

  • An outline of new roles and related responsibilities
  • Ensuring the new hire has access to logins
  • All required forms effectively completed
  • Completing their employee profile on the company Intranet
  • Reading and understanding company mission, core values, etc.

Create a FAQs page on your Intranet

By creating a FAQs page on your company Intranet, you are more likely to ensure that new employees have one central place where most, if not all, of their questions can be answered. Often new employees have many different questions about various topics related to their job or to the company processes. In addition to not knowing the answers to these questions, they may not even know who to ask as each question may need to be answered by a different department manager. For this reason, having one central location devoted to these types of new hire or company information will be beneficial for all new company hires.

On-boarding new employees can be a challenge but by using the tools and resources available with the company Intranet, it is easier to ensure a smooth and seamless on-boarding process.

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