5 Benefits of Publishing Hospital-Wide Content on Your Intranet

5 Benefits of Publishing Hospital

With the emergence of strong Content Management Systems (CMS’s) in the healthcare & hospitalcontentmarkets a common question we are increasingly asked is what typical Hospital-Wide content do we see published on our customer’s intranet sites and WHY do we need this type of content? There are truly many answers to this but I will touch on the top 5 reasons to publish Hospital-Wide content.

1. With Published Policies and Procedures the hospital cuts down on the amount of printed paper saving thousands of dollars. In addition, when you need to review a policy you can rest assured that the policy you are viewing is the most current and accurate policy available.

2. Centralized and easy access to published and ACCURATE Employee Phone Directories and Physician Directories provide a searchable interface to quickly and easily locate an employee’s phone extension or a physician’s contact information all without having to generate printed directories which are easily lost and quickly become out of date.

3. A healthcare CMS system provides the resources and tools to assist in HIPAA compliance and Joint Commission accreditation.

4. Because of the centralized location of the content, employees can quickly and easily access information that otherwise would have required interrupting someone with a phone call or email. This makes everyone more efficient.

5. Everyone in your organization is exposed to the same message and everyone should be very well informed about Hospital-Wide topics ranging from specific handling of the latest disease affecting the country down to what are the Hospital’s expansion or construction plans.
So I discussed the WHY of publishing Hospital-Wide content next I will list many common Hospital-Wide content topics we typically see published on our customer’s intranet sites.

• Hospital-Wide Policies & Procedures
• Hospital-Wide News, Announcements & Events
• Employee Phone Directories
• Physician & Provider Directories
• Administrative On-Call Coverage
• Patient Satisfaction Reports
• HIPAA Resources such as:

o Disclosure Forms
o Amendment Forms
o Confidentiality Agreement Forms
o PHI Resources
o Authorization to Disclose PHI forms
o Education Strategies
o Notice of Privacy Practices
o FAQs
o Staff Training Manuals and Resources

• Joint Commission Resources such as:

o Policies and Procedures
o Online Fill-able Concern Forms
o Links to Joint Commission Site(s) and other related web sites
o General Information
o Survey Results
o Survey Preparation Checklists
o Monthly Checklists
o Regulatory Compliance Manuals
o Risk Assessment Information
o New Regulations Overview

• Links to Internal or External Content Such as Link to the Organization’s Internet Website
• Emergency Codes
• Census Information
• Hospital-Wide Forms
• Organization Charts
• Employee Wellness Information
• Progress Reports

So as you can clearly see the power of a CMS in Hospital or Healthcare environment should not be underestimated. Not only does publishing Hospital-Wide content to your entire employee base help keep your employees well informed but it also breeds pride in your organization and encourages strong employee engagement as well. I strongly encourage you to review the list of common Hospital-Wide content topics to ensure that your Hospital intranet is taking advantage of publishing information on all of these topics and more.

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