5 Projects To Implement Now To Improve Your Intranet

Improve Your Intranet

When it comes to your Intranet, a little creativity goes a long way. The countless features your portal offers Depositphotos_42812197_original.jpgmakes it simple to incorporate new projects, pages, and forums to improve internal communications, workflows, and more. Turn your brilliant ideas into reality (your vendor will be able to help you, too!) Not sure where to begin? Here are 5 Intranet project ideas to get you started.

Ask The CEO

An Intranet is truly about centralizing internal communications. The best organizations have open lines across all departments, from the higher-ups on down. Implementing an “Ask The CEO” form where employees have the opportunity to submit questions to their CEO and receive answers will further connect the company on all levels. It provides the CEO insight on what employees are working on and what they want to see, and it gives staff members the chance to get to know their CEO when they may not work with them every day.

Employee Recognition

An employee recognition forum provides staff the opportunity to give their co-workers the recognition they deserve. In turn, it allows them to be proud of their hard work. Not only does a tool of this nature create motivation, it promotes a culture of awareness and appreciation.


Utilize built-ins to calculate statistics on how your Intranet has changed your organization’s workflow. Additionally, you can look at the metrics on what pages and features are being most used. This provides you insight on how your portal is being used and how your staff moves through the content. From there, troubleshooting and determining what is working well and what needs to be improved becomes significantly simpler.

Bulletin Board

Everyone needs a way to break up the workday to some capacity. Create a staff bulletin board through the use of a forum where workers can converse, make plans, or even put items up for sale.

Incident Reporting

Improve compliance by allowing employees to confidentially report on questionable happenings on the Intranet or workplace that they feel might compromise security, cause problems, or that simply can be reworked in a more efficient way. Simple routing and workflows tools will take the information and distribute it to the right staff for approvals. Providing this outlet promotes a culture of compliance and keeps all members of the staff aware. You have the choice of allowing workers to report anonymously, too.

Don’t forget to comment below with your ideas and/or unique projects you have already implemented to make your portal your own.

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