6 Time Savers Using Your Hospital Intranet – New eGuide

6 Time Savers Using Your Hospital Intranet

In a hospital setting, every moment is crucial. With a work day packed to the brim, it’s imperative to have theScreen_Shot_2016-08-22_at_1.05.18_PM.png most efficient means of completing tasks, especially the smaller ones. Your Intranet can assist you in completing these tasks, making them simpler and quicker. The more time you save, the less stressful your day is.

In our new eGuide, 6 Time Savers Using You Hospital Intranet, you will learn:

  • How your Intranet can assist you when publishing content
  • How to save time responding to emails, phone calls and FAQs
  • How to utilize your Intranet to locate information, documents and policies quickly

You can download this eGuide and read about these points and other ways to use your Intranet to save time here.

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