9 Ideas To Get Staff Hyped For Your Medical Intranet Implementation

Get Staff Hyped

Launching a new Intranet is an exciting and challenging process. Your bigstock-Group-of-senior-doctors-and-yo-192140368.jpgorganization now has this robust system that will allow you to improve internal communications, workflow, and management. However, there is always a learning curve involved, and it will take time to truly assimilate the technology into the work culture. Getting employees excited to use the Intranet is one way to help achieve this. Here are some ways to engage your staff during the implementation of your Intranet.

Keep staff involved during the creation process

It can be easy to have a small team dedicated to planning the Intranet. However, it’s important to not allow employees to feel far removed from the process. All members are going to use the Intranet on a daily basis once it’s launched, therefore each deserves a say on how they feel it can improve the workplace. Before starting work on the Intranet, hold an organization-wide meeting in which staff is free to share their ideas and express what their needs are and what they would like to see from the new technology. Don’t stop there – keep them involved by updating them each step of the way and holding periodical meetings throughout the creation of the Intranet.

Let them know that their feedback is important

Surveys and focus groups are a great way to do this. Find out your employee’s thoughts not only while building the Intranet, but during the launch and in the weeks after initial launch. Not only should you find out what your staff is thinking, but troubleshoot and make changes based on what they say.

Update them on the excellent professional features

Your automated system will contain an array of innovative features that will save you time and make your life easier, from emergency preparedness, P&P management, ticketing, and more. These are things staff will utilize on a daily basis as part of their job, so it’s important for them to be aware of what they are going to gain from it. Hype them up by explaining each feature, how they work, and how they will make your jobs easier than your current processes.

Don’t leave out the “fun” features

Your Intranet shouldn’t be all work and no play. That said, you should keep staff in the loop on the more relaxed features in order to get them excited to start using the Intranet. Social media, social forums, blogging, Q&As, employee recognition forms, and more, are all great additions to give your Intranet a human touch. These features will break up the workday and add a fun and social edge.

Give it a good design

Ensure your Intranet has a clean, intuitive, and visually appealing design. It’s best to go off of your organization’s brand presence should be strong in the type, color, and overall feel choices. Having a beautiful and user-friendly design will make it much more trustworthy, simple, and appealing for staff to start using.

Hold training sessions

Employees should know what they’re getting into when the Intranet launches. Right before, during, and after launch, hold training sessions for things they absolutely need to know starting out (your vendor may also offer onsite or offsite training). You can even schedule these sessions using the calendar feature on your system once it’s implemented.

Set up groups in advance

Your organization has multiple departments. Your Intranet has the ability to hold several group pages. That said, you’ll most likely have separate groups or pages for each department, along with a central location for the entire staff. Set up these groups in advance. It puts less work on staff, provides them a spot where they belong, and helps make the Intranet come to life from day one.

Intranet naming contest

Many organizations give their Intranet a name in line with their brand. Hold an organization-wide Intranet naming contest, complete with prizes for whoever suggests the winning name.

Have a celebration for launch day

You’ve spent long hours and put in hard work towards your new system. It’s time to celebrate! Make launch day a fun and festive event by holding a work party or potluck. It will make starting use of your Intranet all the more exciting.

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