Benefits and Reasons to Use a Hospital Intranet

Depositphotos_42812197_original.jpgA hospital Intranet is a very effective way to share information within the hospital or within a system of hospitals and physician’s offices. There are many reasons to use a hospital Intranet system for scheduling, communication, and policy management. Here are some of the benefits and reasons to use a hospital Intranet for your organization.

  • Organizational Growth: In a world of acquisitions, mergers, and partnerships, the lines of communication are vitally important to the potential for organizational growth. The hospital Intranet allows the sharing of information from one area to the other with ease.
  • Reduced Costs: Poor communication leads to costly mistakes including readmission of patients who should otherwise leave the facility, poor staff coordination, difficulty identifying problem areas, and lack of consistency in care.
  • Coordinate Care Teams: Treatment solutions are only one part of patient care. Assembling the right team of caregivers requires careful consideration and planning as well. The hospital Intranet allows you to organize staff efforts for optimal results.
  • Boost Morale: Keeping morale high in a high-stress workplace is never an easy task. Use your hospital Intranet to share important information, allow staff easy access to events, post kudos for good work, and to boost morale.
  • Standardize and Streamline Information: Hospitals are 24/7 facilities that focus on providing life-saving technologies and assistance with hospital data. The more standardized and streamlined the information is, the better each and every patient will be served.
  • Staff Engagement: The Intranet is a wonderful way to engage staff and support the culture of the hospital. You can truly make the staff feel appreciated and keep them informed about how they can participate in community activities. Share photos and videos of community activities or office parties to encourage fellowship. Use forums for classifieds or for sharing employee recipes with one another to encourage direct interactions. Watch our webinar on Employee Engagement thought a Hospital Intranet.
  • Policies and Procedures Management: All policies can be accessible via a central location and searchable by keywords, body of the document, title, joint commission or HIPAA reference. Managing versions of policies and having staff attest to reading updated policies is all possible with an Intranet with an integrated P&P component.
  • Increase Efficiency and Productivity: Work is much more efficient and productive when employees and staff members can more easily locate and use the proper paperwork. Using an Intranet with built-in workflows attached to online forms can also increase efficiencies across the organization.
  • Go Green: A completely paperless hospital isn’t practical, but the hospital’s Intranet replaces many paper processes including HR on-boarding, patient admissions paperwork, work orders, surveys, and feedback forms.
  • Central Access Point: A hospital Intranet provides a centralized access point for all staff members who have the appropriate access level. Access can be shared across multiple facilities, physician offices and partner locations so all stakeholders can get timely information specific and confidential to their roles within the organization.
  • Security: The Intranet can be installed on your servers for increased security. Flexible security and comprehensive authentication frameworks can be seamlessly integrated with your hospital’s Active Directory. This allows for more control over user access and editing and viewing rights for policies. Read more on Hosted vs. Local Install.
  • Low strain on IT: By offering a system that is sophisticated on the back-end, yet simple on the front-end, an Intranet can be used by staff with minimal tech-savviness. This same setup allows non-technical departmental staff to manage content themselves without the need to involve IT resources. is a hospital Intranet and policies and procedures management software company that makes it easy to communicate between staff, physicians, and board members. It allows you to keep track of all policies and maintain Joint Commission, CMS, and HIPPA compliance with ease. Other features like Social networking, task management, emergency preparedness, and an integrated search engine can connect staff to vital information and their daily activities very quickly. Call us at 866-580-7700 to discuss our software and to see how well it will work with your organization.

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