Our Favorite Health-Related Articles From August 2017


As August comes to a close, we thought we’d round up some health-related articles we’ve bigstock-Breakfast-foods-14088398.jpgread throughout the month to share with you. Each story or blog presents information different from the next, from breakfast foods, to new technology, to the Great American Eclipse (of course). With each of these 10 articles focusing on different topics, we hope you can find something of interest to you!

Happy reading!

The Case For a Breakfast Feast

Many of us grab coffee and a quick bite in the morning and eat more as the day goes on, with a medium-size lunch and the largest meal of the day in the evening. But a growing body of research on weight and health suggests we may be doing it all backward…Read More


Getting It Straight

Sit up straight! This common request may have been how you first heard about posture, the way you hold your body. Posture isn’t just about how you look. How you position yourself can help or hurt your health over your lifetime…Read More


I Used Solar Eclipse Glasses, So Why Do My Eyes Feel Funny?

After viewing the historic solar eclipse yesterday (Aug. 21), some watchers reported that their eyes felt funny, even though they wore certified eclipse glasses. But what might have caused this, and should you be concerned if it happened to you?...Read More


3 Tips To Optimize Training and Development Programs

Professional development programs can be a potent weapon in the employee retention battle. They can also be a waste of time. From a company perspective, training and development programs are meant to improve overall performance, but a well-designed program can—and should—do just as much for the employee…Read More


Smoker Hospitalized For Heart Attacks Don’t Often Get Cessation Drugs

Few smokers hospitalized for heart attacks and other serious complications of cardiac disease get medication to help them quit smoking, a U.S. study suggests…Read More


Pivot Health Launches To Help Clinicians Change Jobs Faster

Seattle-based Pivot Health launched out of beta today with the mission of using technology to help healthcare providers find jobs — and to help healthcare organizations find qualified clinicians…Read More


Rural America Gets Creative To Attract Much-Needed DoctorsBecause of the Affordable Care Act, more Americans have health insurance than ever before. But having insurance doesn't necessarily make it easy to find a doctor when much of the United States is suffering from a shortage of physicians…Read More


Survey: STEM Interest Dwindles As Kids Get Older, Gender Gap PersistsKids' interest in science, technology, engineering and math — or STEM — subjects decreases as they get older, according to a Randstad survey. The global human resources firm asked 1,000 students aged 11 to 17 about their perspectives on STEM topics…Read More


Getting Online Reviews: Tips For ASCs in a Digital World

In today's age online reviews are as important as they are beneficial. Online reviews can quickly add a level of trust and legitimacy to any business. The Medical field can particularly benefit from patients and physicians providing online feedback…Read More


It Sounds Futuristic, But It’s Not Sci-Fi: Human Organs-On-A-Chip                                        There is an emerging biotech movement that promises to transform medical science and radically overhaul the arduous process of bringing new drugs, foods and cosmetics to market…Read More


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