Hospital Intranet and Coronavirus COVID-19 Preparedness and Communication

Hospital Intranet and Coronavirus Communication

Q: How can a Hospital Intranet help your organization prepare for a Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) event?

A: By preparing employees for a crisis and being the main source to communicate information to employees prior or during an event.


Coronavirus Intranet - Emergency Preparedness Page Example - HospitalPORTAL Intranet


During these events, information through email is impractical – the ability to quickly get information out to all employees is critical.

This information changes fast and relates to anything from the correct procedure for putting on personal protective equipment to how to deal with situations if they occur in the Hospital.

With access to an employee portal intranet, members of the Emergency Preparedness team can create a Coronavirus / COVID-19 Preparedness page, which can be designed just like other pages on the portal. Once created, the page can be linked in multiple places on the home page – ensuring it is seen by all employees more than once.

FACT:  In October 2014 during the Ebola crisis, one of our clients recorded that within the first two weeks, their Ebola Preparedness page had over 1,000 views.  Over the course of the following three weeks, it received nearly 1,000 more views.

How can an intranet help the board of directors be prepared in the event of a Coronavirus outbreak?

Our solution can be used via remote access where the board of directors can see how information is being disseminated throughout the organization and how staff is being trained.

The ability to quickly link videos, text, policies, and documents is a must – especially a link to the content provided by the Centers for Disease Control and State.  How invaluable is this latest information to employees during crisis?  How important is knowing that the information is fresh, trackable, and never duplicated?

Ebola Response Case Study

Please download our Ebola Response Case Study for more information.


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