Developing a digital workplace using your Hospital Intranet

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One of the keys to successfully creating a digital workplace at your hospital is to have a communication tool that will support all of your business processes in one location. An Intranet is one product that can help you streamline all communications, store and make accessible other application links, and organize policies for electronic distribution.

Keys to developing a digital workplace

One of the main keys to developing a digital workplace culture involves training staff away from old and outdated modalities and ways of operating. If paper filing and email collaboration are heavily used activities, there will be a transitional stage to get staff acclimated to finding all information online. It is essential to set up new processes that incorporate the use of the Intranet into its main schema. Most Intranets are very intuitive and easy to use for the least tech sophisticated users so directing online activities should be easy for your staff to adopt. The additional functionality and features will definitely make vital daily routines more efficient and time on task will be decreased. This will help greatly in creating the case for the digital workplace using your Intranet.

Going beyond the basic metrics to more insightful reports

As one develops a digital workplace around one’s Intranet, it is essential to go beyond the basic metrics. Formerly hospitals would only investigate how many users logged into a platform on a given day, and not how the users were interacting with the content. It is essential to always monitor and survey your staff periodically to find out how their engaging with the system. A detailed guide on testing analytics on your Intranet can be found here. Examining these more insightful and detailed aspects of Intranet usage will provide greater clarity about how the Intranet is being used in the hospital’s everyday practices. This will help as you continue to enforce the benefits of a digital workplace and Intranet workspace.

Create a culture around your Healthcare Intranet

The last part of one’s digital workplace strategy should involve creating an entire culture around the use of the Intranet. By involving the entire organization from stakeholders, to C suite executives, clinical and support staff, facilitating all social collaboration through your Intranet will solidify mainstream usage. Some of the social tools that can help to create a culture around the Intranet include employee recognition tools, classified listing tools, forums, blogs, RSS news feeds, and more.

When managing a hospital, your Intranet is an indispensable tool to ensure smooth and seamless operations. It will help your organization to achieve a paperless environment in support of a true digital workplace with high efficiencies in place. However, making sure that this powerful tool is put to good use is an element that often gets overlooked. By keeping these primary points in mind, you will be well on your way to making certain that your Intranet becomes a main hub of information and exchange for your organization.

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