Engagement Tips For Your Healthcare Website And Employee Portal

Engagement Tips For Your Healthcare Website And Employee

It’s no secret that your employee portal and your website serve two different functions, have two Depositphotos_24863797_original.jpgdifferent voices and take on two different personas. Your Intranet works to consolidate all functions within the workplace, automating processes and communications with other staff members. In short, your Intranet focuses on engagement between employees so that you can carry out the best possible work. The portal is behind-the-scenes. Your website, on the other hand, is the face of the organization. It serves to market your practice to the public. It engages patients and tries to reach out to potential new patients. Here are some tips on engagement with your healthcare website and your employee and staff Intranet.

Patient Engagement on your website

Healthcare websites should focus on treating patients like consumers. The digital experience should be similar to what consumers see when purchasing from large retail brands on the internet. Use videos to entice and personalize their experiences to engage them in learning more about your organization so they convert to becoming new patients.

Have a clean, intuitive site: Having a fresh, simple and clear design will make your organization appear more professional and legitimate to patients and potential patients. Getting information into the hands of your patients with less clicks will keep them sifting around for more knowledge. A good tip is to keep your homepage text to a minimum. Too much writing and not enough white space on the first page can be overwhelming to viewers. Provide a large, organized menu that allow users to easily navigate to various pages on your site.

Be professional, welcoming, and transparent: Along with general information, talk about your organization – Your mission, values, and accomplishments. A page or directory with all doctors and their contact information resonates well with and is engaging to patients.

Provide compelling health information and updates: Show patients that you are knowledgeable about the healthcare world and lines you service. Providing a page or links to major and recent news articles gives users the comfort of knowing that you are thought leaders in the industry.

Calls to action: A good healthcare website uses calls to action to direct users through their online experience. Offer your visitors clear ways to schedule appointments, call now, online chat, fill out a form, join a newsletter or attend an event.

Remember, engagement doesn’t end with technology: It should go without saying, but while your website is a great starting point to begin a conversation with patients, what is truly going to stick with them is the overall experience they have once they contact your organization.

Healthcare Staff Engagement on your Intranet and employee portals

Keep all staff in the loop: With so many methods of communication on the Intranet alone, ensure that all employees are kept up-to-date on news, happenings, changes, etc. Leaving people out can potentially make staff members feel undervalued.

Validate workers: Don’t let your employee’s hard work go unnoticed! Keep a kudos corner where management or other staff members can provide compliments and recognition to co-workers on a job well done.

Offer focus groups and surveys: Show the staff that you care about how they are responding to the Intranet and overall communication of the organization. Providing focus groups and surveys will allow you to troubleshoot areas of concern that employees have, and to have the confidence in what you are doing well.

Blogs, forums, classifieds: Creating ways for direct, two-way communication between staff is important to increase engagement in your organization. Your employees are used to using tools such as texting, social media, chat rooms and more to communicate directly and instantly with people. Providing similar ways to connect online are key to promoting a collaborative culture.

Social media: Make content viral. Offer ways for staff to subscribe to content updates from each other and provide sharing, and liking features because shared content can be seen by far more people. These features are also useful to marketing management as they can help determine the relevance and resonance of content.

Bookmarking content: Staff needs the opportunity to engage with content when it is appropriate for them. Giving them an opportunity to bookmark content is a great way to increase engagement with select content throughout your Intranet.

Keep things entertaining from time to time: The work day can be long sometimes. Post a joke, provide a funny video, or plan fun events to liven things up and break up the day.

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