Features of the HospitalPortal.net Policies and Procedures Manager Software

Policies and Procedures Manager Software

When it comes to choosing a new technology product for your facility, it’s imperative to look at functionality.Depositphotos_39070885_xs.jpg Implementation can mean a significant strain on your IT department, as well as the rest of your staff. With an innovative infrastructure, the HospitalPortal.net P&P Manager ensures a smooth integration into your current system, and our numerous tools make it easy to maintain once it is up and running. Here are the most relevant features our Policies and Procedures Manager offers to make the lives of your IT department easier:

Easily Integrates with Intranet
Our Policies and Procedures Manager has the ability to act as a standalone product or integrate with your current Intranet. Besides our multiple file upload tools to make the task as swift and as organized as possible, we also offer our guidance and best practice tips to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Quick File Set Up
When it comes to uploading your documents to the policy manager, implementation is quick and simple for your IT department. Our mass file upload tools make connecting your current Intranet and the P&P manager components almost seamless. This saves your IT staff the time of going through each document to correctly organize the P&P manager and Intranet together, and puts significantly little work on them for implementing the new product. With an ability to determine the current folder and document names you are using, our tools quickly load and archive your documents accordingly.

Search Function
An integrated search engine is beneficial all around as it allows each staff member to search for their department’s specific needs. For IT, this means simplified tasks and solutions when issues arise, less training and less set up. Staff will be able to find files quickly without having to burden the IT department to find simple documents.

Simple Content Editing
Our workflow system is user-friendly for all departments, making crossover and communication relatively simple. The system is designed to be easily customized and set up to fit your facility’s dynamic needs. It also includes an easy inline document editing feature to manage and maintain accurate version control of policy edits.

User Reporting
Our system has the capacity to run a multitude of custom reports for legal compliance, auditing, and overall policy management. IT no longer has to run back end reports for system users. All reports can be exported as both pdf and excel documents for easy sorting too, so IT is not tasked with document format changes. Policies can be indexed by document effect on dates, summary of changes, archives, and pending actions from staff so stakeholders can prove policy validity.

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