Free Up Your Hospital IT Staff with Decentralized Content Management

Free Up Your Hospital IT Staff with Decentralized Content Management

Decentralized Content ManagementEvery hospital IT department struggles with resources. There are few projects and systems in today’s hospitals that don’t require IT staff involvement, however head counts for the department have not kept up with these requests. That being the case it is critical that hospital IT departments make the most efficient use of their time and energy. Posting content to the intranet on behalf of staff is not an efficient use of IT resources. In fact, the intranet is NOT an IT system. Employee communication, content sharing, and collaboration are not the sole responsibility of IT but should in fact be a shared effort by the entire organization. IT should administer and maintain the system, but successful intranets are based on the concept of decentralized content management.

Decentralized content management is the ability for staff from different departments to publish and maintain their own content on the intranet. This is an absolutely critical aspect to your intranet’s success.

Traditionally the IT department was responsible for maintaining intranet content due to the need for technical expertise. This led to stale intranet content, overburdened IT resources, and dissatisfied employees. Decentralized content management addresses these issues by giving end users the tools needed to securely publish content themselves with little or no IT involvement. This concept is a true win win as IT staff can focus on other mission critical tasks and end users are empowered to make changes to their own intranet content.

This does not mean that everyone should be editing content on the intranet. Our experience shows that successful content management can be accomplished by identifying and training a few key staff from each department that will be responsible for publishing content. These staff will be expected to take ownership of the content as well as adhere to the standards and policies put in place to govern intranet content and usage.

Of course you will need technology that supports this strategy. There are many content management systems for healthcare available to you to choose from so be sure and look for something that allows for secure decentralized content management. At HospitalPORTAL, our intranet and policy management system was built around this concept and includes many healthcare specific tools that allow your non-technical staff to publish and maintain a wide variety of content. In addition we offer implementation and training services to ensure a successful implementation with minimal IT involvement.

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