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Healthcare Intranets

Productivity demands across hospitals and care centers have been on the rise, and they’re bigstock-Team-of-happy-doctors-working--91889087.jpgonly increasing. With healthcare employees juggling more patients, added on training, and multiple other tasks, it can be a challenge to maintain the same amount of quality care towards patients. The patient comes first, but the work must still be done. That said, it’s imperative to have an organized system and time management. An Intranet and Policy Management System can help you do just that – while streamlining tasks. That way, you can increase productivity while your patients are still the constant focus.


Scheduling and Calendars

Scheduling rooms for meetings, training, and patient appointments has never been so simple. With your calendars in one place and organized by department, you’ll never overbook again. It will even provide notifications for you when events are soon arriving.


Healthcare employees are consistently being trained to keep up with technological and medical changes. Many of these training sessions can be done digitally via videos or eGuides. As a consolidated space for communication, your Intranet can hold a training section that is updated as new training materials come in. That way, it is quick and easy for staff to view these materials, and it will ensure that nothing is missed.


It’s important for medical staff to have a strong knowledge base of each of their patients before visiting with them. Your Intranet can organize this information by department and contains strong security features to ensure that each employee only has access to their patients’ records.


Issues with compliance or workflow are always a possibility, even in the most careful organizations. It’s important for staff to remain aware and report any discrepancies. With an Intranet’s ticketing feature, it’s an immediate process to report and review any issues spotted by employees.



The reviewing, revising and approving process can be a tedious one. Your policy management system contains strong inline editing features, allowing you to make the entire process digital and the workflow quick and simple.

Search Features

A policy management system keeps your documents well-organized and even auto-saves each version of a policy in a timeline. That said, it’s intuitive navigational features allows you to seamlessly search any document in any version should you ever need it for reference or for an audit.


Never miss when it’s your turn in the workflow to review a policy. You’ll be notified right away on your homepage, desktop, and/or email as soon as a new task is ready for you with details on what you need to do.

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