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Self-service How To LibraryThe IT department can often be stretched thin when trying to address the problems of the whole hospital with limited staff resources and the abundance of other healthcare technology services they’re responsible for. Specifically, in small and midsized hospitals, the IT department only has a few staff members to maintain multiple systems including the hospital intranet and helpdesk. This blog post will show you how to use videos on your intranet to help lighten the load of the IT department.

Every support specialist has that one call that they get all the time. I have several that come to mind. One example would be password resets. As reported by HDI, the IT service and technology support association, about a third of their respondents to the 2011 Support Center Practices & Salary Report said that 30% of their tickets were password reset related even though 69% of them had password reset functionality available to the end user without the need for support.

You might think it’s too difficult and time consuming to record videos. This isn’t the case. All you need to make a how-to video are screen capture software and a computer microphone. You can find free screen capture software all over the internet and they are usually easy to use. They record whatever is on your screen at the time. Each video only takes a few minutes to record. Then you can post them on your intranet and share them with the rest of the organization.

Your hospital intranet vendor should be able to help you set this up. Most intranets come with a media library component so you can easily keep your videos organized and searchable. One thing that you would want to keep in mind is that people also need to know that these videos exist. Work with the marketing department to help put together email campaign or post articles about them on your intranet. HospitalPORTAL’s solution makes it very easy to do this, as well as view the videos right on the page. So, give it a go and watch the number of support calls drop.

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