How a Healthcare Intranet Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy


A hospital’s marketing team has the task of managing a variety of intricate and involved campaigns simultaneously. Unfortunately, this can mean that even the most concise and well-intentioned plan can go awry. Today’s marketing teams need a solid way to ensure cohesion and better management. One way to ensure this is with the use of a hospital Intranet. When developing an effective digital marketing strategy for your healthcare organization, your hospital Intranet could be the key you have been looking for to keep everything on track.

Cohesive results with internal communication

A healthcare Intranet facilitates internal collaboration and communication. These are important elements when working on the creation of a digital strategy with a team. When a marketing department is faced with complex campaigns and deadlines, it is imperative to have a method of communicating with multiple team members at once and in one location. An Intranet can provide a place for collaborating in real-time and to share new developments with a particular campaign, digital vendor updates or other relevant implementation milestones.

Forums for extended conversations on campaign topics

Social networking features such as a project forum can provide marketing staff with a place to memorialize conversations about the digital marketing project. A forum can eliminate the many emails about a specific topic about the project. Instead, staff can easily subscribe to a forum for immediate updates and they can search the forum to find answers to their project questions.

Real-time Communication Using the built-in chat feature

Most good healthcare Intranets have the ability for staff to chat online with one another. Chat features can help staff communicate quickly and easily about the digital marketing tasks they’re collaborating on. Teams or groups can easily chat with each other versus sending emails or making multiple phone calls about a topic.

Task management tools

When using the Intranet for your digital marketing strategy tasks, you can automatically manage tasks for yourself and your team. Project managers can easily distribute emails or on-screen task reminders to inform the team of new tasks that need to be completed. Managers can report on completed or in progress tasks so they can easily follow up with the responsible parties.


Built-in wiki features can be used to highlight digital marketing questions and answers or quick help items. These resources can also be used for external marketing campaigns that could yield consumer questions. Staff can easily access a wiki to provide answers to patients about up and coming marketing campaigns and resources.

Enhancing collaboration to external clients

When developing a digital marketing strategy, the marketing team will need to interface with other service agencies and clients. Communicating with external members who are separate from the organization can be completed through the Intranet too. This keeps everyone accountable and allows for enhanced collaboration for all those involved. Any notes from the marketing meetings can be kept on hand in the Intranet database and referred to as the marketing plan develops. Instead of spending time individually emailing vendors, marketing agencies, and clients, everything can be accomplished directly within the Intranet.

Sharing marketing wins and creating awareness

One of the benefits of using a hospital Intranet for digital marketing is the ability of the marketing team to share any wins and successes directly within the organization, and to create awareness around consumer marketing campaigns. This can be accomplished by using the blogging, hot news or home page gallery feature, or by including the announcement in the newsletter shared within the Intranet. Sharing marketing wins can boost organization morale and can help in keeping different departments connected.

Using the hospital Intranet to extend the capabilities and collaboration of your marketing department as they develop a digital marketing strategy can reap dividends and profits for your organization. Learn more about our hospital Intranet solution, HospitalPORTAL by contacting us at 1(866) 580-7700 today or at

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