How A Policy Manager Will Benefit Your Organization – By Department

Benefit Your Organization

Simple implementation and an automated system make a Policy Management System a secure Depositphotos_39070885_xs.jpg and easy way to manage the documents in your healthcare organization. Features such as inline editing, search functions, accessibility, and more work to streamline processes and reduce risk. This solution benefits each department. Here’s a quick look at what it can do for your department.

Medical (Physicians, Nursing)

Policy updates have never been so easy. A Policy Management Solution automates the reviewing, revising and approving process for each document, notifying medical staff members when it is time for them to take a certain action. Security measures are built in to ensure that the correct policy goes to the right staff member. Read receipts make certain that each person in the process properly read and followed through on their task with the document.

Information Technology

A Policy Management Solution integrates easily with your current Intranet, putting less strain on your IT department during implementation. Additionally, with an automated process and search function, the Policies and Procedures System is user friendly, meaning staff won’t need IT for simple tasks like finding documents. This gives IT more time to focus on other jobs, and greatly simplifies their work with the Policy Management System should it arise.

Compliance/Risk Management

With security measures in place, the Policy Management System makes the lives of compliance and risk management staff easier, as risk is already reduced. In addition, the collaborative features are a time saver. With everything in one, consolidated system, compliance employees can see where documents are at in the automated process and do not need to spend time emailing back and forth to save needed documents to their computers.

Administration, HR, Accounting, Marketing

Administration, HR, Accounting and Marketing now have an organized and automated system to take care of their documents. And since a P&P system works well with your Intranet, these departments can publish their policies on the Intranet, making access simple for them and other departments that may need them. This solution saves time by eliminating the need to print and distribute documents. Each department will not have to manually track review and sign-off information related to the policies, as they are always easily located in the published location.

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