How smaller healthcare organizations can benefit from an Intranet

smaller healthcare organizations

How smaller healthcare organizations can benefit from using an Intranet

How smaller healthcare organizations can benefit from using an intranet

As the director of a smaller healthcare organization, you may be wondering do I even need to use an Intranet to integrate my workplace? The fact is that even for small medical offices and hospitals, a hospital Intranet can provide numerous benefits. In fact, regardless of the size of your organization, you can benefit from using this software in your daily processes. Learning more about the features and benefits of using a hospital Intranet can help you decide whether or not this tool is the right one for your office needs.

Give your office an integrated structure & improve communication

One of the ways smaller hospitals can use a hospital Intranet is to establish structure in their office. It can be challenging to communicate to different staff members, remote workforces, clinical employees who may have varying shifts, various document access clearances, and other hindrances to communication. By using a hospital Intranet as a central hub of organization and communication, your office can standardize communication flow to operate more cohesively and efficiently. Using a healthcare Intranet can make simplify content sharing and publishing.

Some of the ways that a hospital Intranet can better serve to integrate smaller healthcare organizations include;

  • Sharing calendars, news, and upcoming events seamlessly
  • Manage hospital policies, physician contracts, vendor business agreements
  • Organize, approve, revise and publish policies in one central location
  • Publish training resources easily
  • Share internal communication confidentially
  • On-Call scheduling
  • Digital collaboration
  • Reduce risk and liability
  • Improve quality of care outcomes
  • Easily manage forms
  • Ticket management
  • Emergency preparedness and response

With so many benefits to using a hospital Intranet, it is easy to see why smaller organizations can benefit with this tool. Having an abundance of healthcare-specific features at your fingertips will help your organization streamline manual process so you can save staff time on task. You can easily create a digital workplace that runs more efficiently, keeping your teams focused on patient care and customer satisfaction. One of the most convenient aspects of using this software is that the uptime is very short as there is a short learning curve to implement all of the features and options. Since the software is very user friendly, an entire office can be up and running in very little time.

Social Networking

Social networking can be facilitated by the use of hospital Intranet software too. This feature is built into the system and makes it easier for employees to collaborate and socially network in a sanctioned virtual environment. With the millennial generation entering the workforce, there is a need to deliver technological tools that they’re used to and comfortable with. A social Intranet is one way to retain younger talent.

When using a hospital Intranet that has been specifically geared to meet the needs of smaller healthcare organizations like CAH hospitals, Long-term care facilities, home health agencies, medical practice groups, and ASCs, success is virtually guaranteed. These organizations can stand to benefit from greater organization, more streamlined communication, and a better policy management system.

Remain Compliant with Hospital Policies

With policy management software integrated into a hospital Intranet, it is easier than ever for your office to stay compliant. This is more important for small facilities that may not have the big budget to fight any policy concerns that may arise during standard audits. With policy management capabilities, there is more peace of mind regarding staying compliant across all departments.

With so many advantages for smaller hospitals implementing a hospital Intranet, it is helpful to consider using this software. Small and rural hospitals using a hospital Intranet can enjoy greater organization, better communication, and more enhanced policy management capabilities.

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