How the Intranet Will Save You Time and Money

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We’ve all heard the expression: time is money, and when it comes to workforce productivity that couldn’t be closer to the truth. One way to increase that productivity is through the utilization of an Intranet. Here are 5 ways an Intranet can help save you time and money.


While email is an incredibly important, and useful tool to have in the workplace, it can just as easily become overwhelming. Have you ever received 20 emails and responses from one initial email? Or get a dozen replies that simply said: “thank you”?

An Intranet chat platform and instant messaging can help your organization eliminate all that clutter from your inbox, free up a lot of space on your email server and give your employees back valuable time.


Much like those 20+ email responses from one initial email, how much time do your employees spend simply looking for a file or document they need? While virtually no system will help a naturally disorganized person get organized – it can give them the tools they need to do a quick search for what they’re looking for, rather than losing countless hours digging through hundreds of files. By assigning the task of creating, developing and managing an organizational structure on your new Intranet, a few people can help to keep files and information organized for the entire company.


Onboarding a new employee is typically an arduous and time-consuming process. Often highly paid HR professionals will sit down with employees to review and complete hours of paperwork, processes, and procedures. Intranet tools can drastically reduce these hours by providing a structure with which to organize key documents, offer training videos, as well as electronic manuals and forms.  While there is no substitute for a hands-on on-boarding process, an Intranet will actually free up the time of your HR staff so they can check up on new employees instantly and electronically, both in person and through Intranet dashboard communications.

In addition, Intranet tools offer an easy-to-access repository for HR documents that new and old employees can access at any time. This ease of use gives instant access to much-needed information and frees up your HR personnel by reducing the amount of time they spend answering one-off questions.

The key, of course, is to keep all central information up-to-date and organized in an intuitive manner and to make sure every employee understands where to go to find the documentation they need.

Meeting Communications

How often are your employees emailing about scheduling a meeting; trying to find a time that will accommodate everyone’s availability? In large healthcare organizations, this can be especially difficult, often taking days, even weeks to find a date/time that will work for most.  The Intranet will virtually eliminate this problem with tools that allow specific parties to view other’s calendars, making it very simple for an admin or designated individual to organize company-wide meetings. Not only is time saved in the scheduling process, but meetings get scheduled quicker, and things get done faster.

While it’s not possible to add hours to each day, the time saved with a well-organized, and intuitive Intranet platform equals dollars saved in increased productivity and employee engagement.

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