How To Celebrate The 4th Of July In Style At Your Healthcare Workplace

Celebrate The 4th Of July

Independence Day is here, and that means grill outs, fireworks, and everything red, white, and bigstock--183821158.jpgblue. If you’re working, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun activities. Here are some ways you can be festive and celebrate at your healthcare workplace this holiday weekend.

Have A Potluck

Food is a major part of any holiday, therefore it needs a spot in your workplace this Independence Day. Host a potluck of chips, dips, desserts, and more to eat at lunch or snack on during breaks. Bonus points for grilling out or bringing red, white, and blue colored desserts, punch, or lemonade.


There’s no better way to show your patriotism than with some bold red, white, and blue décor. Liven up the facility, waiting rooms, patient rooms, etc. with mini American flags and fun, colorful banners and streamers.

Arrange Games Or Crafts

Have some fun and relieve some stress by setting up festive games or crafts in the break room or outside. Keep it as easy as bags, coloring, Bozo Buckets, etc.

Prepare A Patriotic Guessing Game

It’s a classic, it’s simple, and it has a competitive edge. Fill a jar with red, white, and blue M&Ms or other candies and have employees guess the number of items in the jar. Whoever wins gets the jar of candy – along with a restaurant gift card or other patriotic prizes.

Gather Together For Sparklers After Your Shift

Ending your shift with a sparkle will be the cherry on top of a festive day.

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