How To Empower and Engage Staff With an Intranet

Empower and Engage Staff

Happy employees result in a successful workplace. When staff is empowered and informed, your Depositphotos_24863797_original.jpgorganization and practice will thrive. To achieve this, you must find a way to first catch the attention of your employees and engage them in a way that shows them their work is appreciated. As an internal communications hub, your Intranet is a prime tool to reach your entire workplace quickly and easily – while still remaining personable. You can customize your content and the way you use your Intranet in a way that resonates best with your staff. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Write engaging content

Whether the content you write is about organization happenings, industry news, or something different completely, make your co-workers want to read it with an attention-grabbing headline. Keep it fairly brief, and make sure to state the main points in the introduction to ensure they don’t miss anything. For more tips on writing engaging content on your Intranet, check out our eGuide here.

Post messages from top executives – but let the conversations go both ways

It’s important to be informed on what’s happening on the executive level. That way, staff has full knowledge of the organization. This can be done through a widespread announcement on the Intranet, or individual messages. However, the conversation should go both ways. Create a culture of open communication on your Intranet between employees of all levels. Another idea is to utilize an Ask The CEO forum or dedicated collaboration page, where workers can start conversations or refer to commonly asked questions with the CEO.

Post informative industry news

What happens in your practice is not everything you need to know. To be truly informed and well-rounded, you should keep up-to-date on industry news. Help co-workers stay informed and remain engaged with the industry by sharing important news. This is possible through your Intranet by using an RSS Feed or by bringing in xml data from other resources or applications.

Give each department their own space

On your Intranet, all departments have their own pages as well as the ability to post departmental specific forums. This gives administrative or clinical staff a more personalized experience and content devoted to their specific roles and daily routines. Additionally, by offering a two-way communication forum, you can empower your staff by allowing them to share knowledge on their specific expertise, communicate with others freely in their area, and work on what they know best within their realm.

Create, fun internal events they won’t want to miss

An Intranet doesn’t have to be all about work. Break it up by using the calendar to schedule fun, non-work related events to do with your co-workers. Add a description and send reminders to get staff excited.

Kudos corner

Utilizing a kudos corner is a great way to empower staff and show them that what they do is not just noticed, but appreciated by others. Workers can leave compliments and thank you notes to employees who have helped them or gone above and beyond.

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