How To Improve Healthcare Marketing

How To Improve Healthcare Marketing

Finding a balance between professionalism and a human voice to connect with patients can be a challengeDepositphotos_24549537_l-2015.jpg at times in the healthcare industry. Aside from the usual – having a clean, consistently updated website, maintaining a social media presence, etc. – here are some helpful tips found from healthcare and business resources to help improve your organization’s marketing strategies.

Have a plan

It seems it should go without saying, but with a hectic industry with news and technology ever-changing, it can be easier said than done. Even if it’s tentative, having an updated plan will help keep your marketing department more organized and on top of things. Keep track of topics and information already shared to avoid overlap and to find new angles. Come up with topics to blog, share on social media, email, update website with, etc. for the next few weeks or months that is relevant to the time of year, organization updates, or news. Pay attention to what patients responded well to in order to spin off of your best ideas.

Humanize your voice

While it’s important to maintain a clean, professional front in the healthcare industry, you also want to come off as friendly, welcoming and approachable to patients and potential patients to put them at ease. Besides using personable rapport on your website, while answering questions, or in person, one simple way to humanize your image is to avoid using stock photos on your website – instead use real pictures or your office and employees. Another idea is to provide your ideas and commentary on current healthcare trends or news. What are your thoughts on the new happenings and what are you going to do/utilize to improve things and help patients? Share via blog, social media, email updates or press release. Additionally, ensure patients have access to answers of common questions. While an FAQ question is a great way to do this, you can take it beyond that by providing relevant information in email updates and social media posts too.

Use Video

Video is becoming an increasingly popular way among audiences to obtain and learn new information. Your marketing department should utilize video in applicable places, especially for reaching out to younger patients. Have an organization update? Try creating an engaging video to include in your next blog or social post. Videos are also great for holidays or special events marketing.

Patient testimony

No matter how strong your marketing strategies are, patient testimony and word of mouth will always be one of the best and most effective ways to reach new potential patients. Distribute surveys and pay attention to what your patients want, need, and respond well to. Make the necessary changes to keep them happy and feeling safe. Create a testimonials page on your website with videos or case studies of patient success stories. Create a patient referral program and offer gifts or cash prizes to those that utilize it.

Show off what sets you apart

Is your practice specialized? Are you offering new or cutting edge treatments? Do you have 24-hour access? Whatever it is that is going to be the most impactful and meaningful to your audiences should be consistently promoted and updated to your patients and potential patients.

Information was researched and adapted from these articles. Click on the links for more great resources, information and tips for healthcare marketing strategies.

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