How to Spice up your marketing images with these simple resources

How to Spice up your marketing images with these simple resources

The holiday season isn’t over – we have yet to say goodbye to 2016 and ring in 2017. With that in mind, editing photos.jpgyou may still plan to spice up your blogging, social media, and marketing graphics with some holiday flair. However, during such a busy season, you may not have the time to dedicate to editing photos, or the means for creating custom images in Photoshop. For your New Years events, or moving forward to the holidays and activities that 2017 holds, here are some easy, affordable tools to help you create fun, festive marketing images quickly.

*Article adapted from GoDot Media


Canva contains myriad free features and is an excellent tool to create beautifully designed images in a matter of minutes. Equipped with free templates that allow you to drag and drop, endless fonts and colors, filters, image transparency, shapes, stickers, and emojis, Canva offers so much beyond the basic functions to make your images look fresh and professional. Should you decide to upgrade, most premium features are only $1 or so.


Similar to Canva, PicMonkey allows you to edit and design images and also offer pre-designed images. Additionally, it provides some extra Photoshop-like options such as whitening teeth, fixing red-eye, removing blemishes, and editing exposure. PicMonkey offers affordable monthly or annual plans, but also has free trials your company can utilize before committing.


Pixlr takes many of Photoshop’s useful features and makes them more hands-on and simpler to use for those without a design background. If your company cannot afford Photoshop, or you don’t have time to learn it, Pixlr is the perfect alternative and is great for blog or social media images. It is an online editing tool, but it offers a desktop version for purchase that allows you to further customize your graphics.


Piktochart is unique in that it allows you to easily create infographics, charts, and presentations. It’s a great tool for extensive posts that helps you to communicate large amounts of information visually. Its simple tools are almost effortless – enter data and photos with a click.

If you’ve tried these tools and feel they are not the best fit for you, here are some other resources you can give a whirl to customize your holiday images:

Fotojet: A free, user-friendly, online editing tool.

PlaceIt: Drag and drop made even simpler. PlaceIt provides premade, placeholder templates that allow you to swap elements out with your branding materials. It is a paid app for IOS users.

Venngage: Create custom infographics and charts effortlessly.

QuotesCover: Hone in on typography by turning quotes into beautifully designed images.

Creating professional, eye-catching images is important for any marketing effort, and the holidays are a perfect time to try out new tools and find what works best for your organization. Give these simple, intuitive resources a try for New Years 2017 and beyond.

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