How To Use An Intranet For Training Employees

Intranet For Training Employees

In any industry, well-rounded training is important – both upon first hire and throughout bigstock-Two-medical-doctors-consulting-18161861.jpgemployment to ensure skills are kept sharp and the workforce stays accountable. In the healthcare sector, this includes training on compliance, medical and facility procedures, safety, and more. It’s imperative for employees to be consistently kept-up-to-date, as technology is constantly changing and patient safety depends on it. Luckily, your Intranet can make training simpler, more engaging, timely, effective – and even fun. Here are the different ways you can use an Intranet to ensure employees are being trained in a well-rounded way.

Keep A Course Content Library

You might not always have time in your practice for a full on, live training session for everything you need to go over. That’s why online training is so effective. If you don’t have access to an enterprise level learning management system, you can easily use your Intranet to store training resources. Create a course library on your Intranet with engaging videos, written training documents and graphics for staff to keep updated on all procedures. Or again, if you have an LMS system, you can easily link the course content directly to your LMS application too.

Mix Online Training And Live Training

Although there is so much you can do with a course library, live training is still important to maintain for the visual and discussion factors. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t blend it with online training to make it more engaging. Post videos or documents for employees to review before a live training session to best prepare them. Or, put up post-live training materials to follow up on the live session to further help staff apply what they learned. Another idea is to film live training for employees to refer back to at a later date.

Class Registration Features

Most Intranets have features that can help you to manage your training class registrations. Users are presented with course options where they can register for both online or in-person classes. Additionally, instructors can report on registration data and use it for tracking class rosters versus tracking email registrations, entering data into a spreadsheet and so on. Your Intranet can manage all of this flow for you very easily, and provide instructors with class lists for checking attendance on the day of the events.

Utilize Automation

Save time and energy notifying staff about upcoming, required live or online training sessions. As the days draw close to the training session, remind staff with customizable, automated alerts, notifications and on-screen messages. Subscription-based content can be set up so you can easily alert groups of staff about new training or required course content. Calendars can be used to schedule the dates and times of these events which can expire or begin on preferred dates. Easily configure home page content to include the latest news about upcoming training classes too so the content is reinforced.

Keep Track

Many Intranets provide a way to track comprehension on course content. This can be achieved through the use of forms, surveys, or quizzes. Other features such as the Notice of Acceptance tool can also track and monitor viewing progress or status on videos or documents. Managers or course content owners can then run reports or use read receipts that show when they opened, viewed or completed the sessions.

Don’t Forget The Fun

Quick refreshers are always helpful. Make it fun by throwing in a little healthy competition to engage staff and keep their skills sharp. Create fun quizzes, short games, polls or questions of the day via the Intranet. Create an incentive to participate by offering small gift cards or prizes to the winners. Share the winners through a forum for the designated class!

Make It Accessible

Important resources and evergreen procedures should be accessible from anywhere, not just at work, especially in the cases of employees travelling. Ensure staff can get to these sections of the Intranet from places outside of the work facility by offering secure, remote access.

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