How To Use An Intranet to Benefit Your HR Department

Benefit Your HR Department

The features an Intranet provides for your medical staff are unparalleled. However, it’s not bigstock-Job-applicant-having-an-interv-17004965.jpgjust for doctors and nurses. As a central, internal communications tool, your Intranet functions to include and benefit all departments in your practice. One of which we’d like to discuss is your Human Resources Department.

While HR keeps track of all employee information, the Intranet is a perfect spot for them to organize data, as well as communicate with staff. Here are the best features for your HR department.

One Stop Shop for Important Information

The portal is a single access point for all HR and employee related information. HR will utilize events and announcements, calendars, newsletters, document repositories, etc. to communicate important information, connect with employees, post birthdays and anniversaries, and keep informed on organization happenings. HR managers can post skills checklists, CME resources, links to external content related to HR, and more. Because of the centralized location of the content, employees can quickly and easily access information that otherwise would have required time-consuming searching for in various locations or in multiple applications. This makes everyone within the organization more efficient and more productive.

Get in Touch

With an Intranet, you can easily publish departmental contact information, leadership bios, public lists, and secure internal contact lists containing private data.

Intuitive Navigation and Automation

The Intranet contains quick and easy navigational tools and built in document reviews, approvals, and revision tracking automation. Staff can search for employee manuals/handbooks, HR policies, procedures and a library of fillable. All information is automated and flows easily between HR employees and any other departments that may need to see important HR information.

Onboarding New Employees – Staff Orientation

When new employees are hired, there are several forms to read and/or fill out that are filtered through HR for final authorization. An Intranet simplifies this process by automating the forms workflow. It holds an HR library of onboarding resources and tools, requiring read acknowledgement from the new staff members and HR employees. This ensures that the proper documents are being taken care of, and provides a quick and easy workflow between HR and new hires keeping new staff accountable for new organizational procedures and protocols.


Often times, new hires or existing staff will have similar questions for HR management. An Intranet provides many ways for staff to solicit the answers on their own. By using FAQs tools, HR managers can provide quick access to common questions. All content is then searchable via the robust search engine which searches all content, documents, forms, and social engagement features. The Intranet is a great resource for self-service and self-support question and answer communication and frequently asked inquiries.

Enhanced Engagement

It’s simple for staff to communicate with each other across departments on the portal. To enhance organizational-wide engagement, staff can create forums (such as an ask HR forum for employees to have quick access to HR representatives) blogs to update other departments on HR happenings, an idea bank to brainstorm ways to improve the portal, and more.

Internal Careers Section

HR can maintain a careers section within the organization, including a job bank. This helps keep applications organized from within and outside the company. Staff can share internal job postings and apply for jobs right from the Intranet.

Benefits Information

By maintaining a benefits repository, employees can easily search benefits information, announcements, forms, etc. instead of constantly contacting HR staff for these types of inquiries – saving time, energy and keeping workflow swift and efficient. When open enrollment takes place, there are scrolling banner messages and image gallery carousels that can easily alert staff and be seen by everyone that logs into their workstations keeping staff abreast of important enrollment deadlines and milestones.

Training Resources

Since HR usually organizes training, the Intranet makes it simpler. Create quick and automated class registration links and utilize calendars to reserve classrooms and training times. Staff can register for classes with one click and instructors can use online registrations for attendee lists, grading, and attendance monitoring.


HR departments deal with a lot of sensitive information, such as payroll, benefits, salary, etc. Rest assured, the portal is completely secure with customization options and user authentication processes. By integrating with your Active Directory, content, publishing and editing rights are securely distributed to the right staff, leadership, physician or board members.

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