Is Your Intranet Protected From Data Loss?

Is Your Intranet Protected From Data Loss?

When a new Intranet installation is configured, we always communicate with the IT team to make sure that Depositphotos_4277763_original-1_m_e.jpgcertain aspects of your Intranet site be backed up in case of disaster. Unfortunately, what you configured years ago may have been broken by updates or reconfigurations of devices or disks. Take this opportunity to check on your backups so that you don’t suffer data loss.

A few years back we had a client that configured one of the many 3rd party backup solutions out there to back up the database and important application files. Unfortunately, when disaster struck they found that the backup routine had been failing for months and NO backups were available any longer. In this customer’s case they lost the ENTIRE site going back to backups that we made during implementation time and several years of content was lost. Even worse their site had to be re-implemented practically from scratch.

And more recently we have had several customers suffer from Ransomware Attacks where the files for the application or database became encrypted and the customer did not have the appropriate backups to recover.

So take a few minutes to make sure you have viable backups or even better take the time to do a disaster recovery drill where the database and application files are restored and proven so that when trouble strikes you are ready for the worst. For information on our disaster recovery drill services, please email us for details and pricing information.

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