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Favorite Articles

As July comes to a close, we thought we’d round up some health-related articles we’ve read throughoutbigstock-Woman-Typing-Phone-Message-On--145573157.jpg the month to share with you. Each story or blog presents information different from the next, from insurance to IT to Vitamin D (in celebration of summer being in full swing). With each of these 10 articles focusing on different topics, we hope you can find something of interest to you!

Happy reading!

Digital Health Startups Draw Record Investments In The First Half Of 2017

During the first half of this year, digital health startups raised more money than ever, with 188 digital health deals and $3.5 billion invested, according to a new report. If financing continues at this clip, 2017 will see $2.7 billion more in investments than last year, when there was $4.3 billion invested… Read More

Health Insurers Try Paying More Upfront To Pay Less Later

Michael McBrayer of St. Paul, Minn., needs to pay a lot attention to his health.

“I give myself shots multiple times a day, as well as controlling my diet and exercise,” he says.

Ten years ago, McBrayer learned he has Type 1 diabetes. Now he knows he faces dire consequences if he fails to control his blood sugar… Read More

Coconut Oil: Are The Health Benefits A Big Fat Lie?

It wasn’t that long ago that the closest most Britons got to a coconut was at the fairground or on the inside of a Bounty bar. Yet in the past three years, this hard, hairy drupe (that’s the official term) of the coconut palm tree has emerged as the latest “superfood” extolled by celebrities and health food shops for its nutritional, healing and mind-enhancing powers… Read More

Vitamin D May Improve Sunburn, According To A New Clinical Trial

High doses of vitamin D taken one hour after sunburn significantly reduce skin redness, swelling, and inflammation, according to double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trial out of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center… Read More

What Can Healthcare Learn About Technology From Disney?

Recently, my family and I spent a week in Orlando, staying at a Disney resort. Once we checked in, we received a “Disney band” – a rubber bracelet that we were supposed to wear continuously. It had all of our information on it, allowed us to pay for things (using a PIN linked to our credit card), and was our room key and admission ticket… Read More

4 Steps To Better Internal Communication

If you asked your employees what your corporate mission statement is, or whether they feel appreciated, what would they say?

The answer isn’t obvious, especially if your business spans state or country borders—or continents. The farther away employees are from headquarters, the less connected to company leaders they’ll feel… Read More

Microsoft’s New Broadband Strategy Includes A Nod To Telehealth

Microsoft has announced plans to help improve rural America’s broadband capabilities, an ambitious project that could kick-start telemedicine projects to underserved communities… Read More

What Is A Happy Doc Worth & Can IT Really Make A Difference In Physician Satisfaction?

I have been working with rural and community hospitals for more than 22 years and in that time, I have witnessed a mind-boggling amount of change. From the Balanced Budget Amendment to the advent of Critical Access and Certificate of Need to HIPAA to ARRA, HITECH and now MACRA and MIPS, the regulatory and reimbursement changes have come without mercy… Read More

Nomad Health Launches Freelance Nursing Marketplace To Address Nursing Shortages

Nomad Health, a technology company that is simplifying the $15B temporary healthcare staffing industry has announced the launch of its nursing marketplace platform to address the nation’s critical nursing shortage. Starting in Texas today and soon nationwide, nurses can now use Nomad to find short-term clinical work in hospitals and health systems, officially bringing the nursing profession into the modern gig economy… Read More

Rising Stars: 60 Healthcare Leaders Under 40

Becker’s Healthcare is pleased to honor 60 healthcare leaders under 40 years old as rising stars in the industry.

Individuals on this list have achieved executive positions at hospitals and health systems across the country, founded health IT companies and reached prominence within their organizations… Read More

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