Policy and Procedure Management for Healthcare


PublishPoliciesandProceduresonIntranetThis webinar will discuss the specific needs, requirements, and features that hospitals and healthcare organizations need to automate the process of managing policies and procedures. It will also cover the typical system implementation process steps and the benefits of policy and procedure workflow automation.

Topics covered by the webinar include

  • Policy and Procedure Management Challenges
  • Traditional Methods for Policy and Procedure Management
  • Risks of Improper Policy and Procedure Management
  • Functional Requirements of Effective P&P Management Tools
  • Accessing and Searching Policy and Procedure Libraries
  • Monitoring read acknowledgement of end users
  • Demonstration of HospitalPortal.net platform for Policy and Procedure Management

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About The Author

HospitalPORTAL is a Hospital Intranet and Policies and Procedures Management Software that makes it easy to communicate between staff, physicians, and board members. It allows you to keep track of all policies and maintain HIPPA, CMS, and Joint Commission compliance with ease. Call us at 866-580-7700 to discuss our software and to see how well it will work with your hospital.