Free Covid-19 Internal Hospital Communications Portal

Share COVID19 updates and announcements securely

With events related to COVID-19 readiness and response developing and breaking practically by the minute, we realize hospitals and healthcare providers may not be able to keep up with updates to their staff and clinical resources. Not all hospitals have an effective intranet system already in place.

Therefore HospitalPORTAL is offering a free web-based and secure COVID-19 “Updates Portal” to hospitals and health organizations which are missing such a capability on their existing corporate intranet or do not have an intranet communication platform.

We are offering this ready-to-use emergency cloud-based portal with no strings attached to any U.S. hospital or healthcare provider and for as long as there is a federal state of emergency. We simply want to help any organization in the country by giving them access to the best tools in the industry to fight against COVID-19.

This system is a simplified version of our proven hospital-specific Intranet communication platform that has been used for years by hospital clients all over the country.

The COVID-19 “Updates Portal”  includes predefined pages, sections, and announcement areas. All you need to do is keep it up-to-date with links, updates, documents, and announcements that are relevant to your organization and employees. which we will help set-up for you. Once the emergency is over and your organization no longer has a need for it, we will take down the site and destroy the data for you.


COVID19 Internal Communication Portal For Hospital Staff

We provide this complete COVID-19 emergency communications site specific to your organization (isolated to only your organization) with key government content and links already provided such as links to CDC, WHO and OSHA sites.

In addition; the provided content management site offers the ability to easily and quickly publish and distribute various information and content to your employees such as:

  • Quick / Important Links
  • Event / Meeting Calendar
  • Emergency Response Contacts
  • Response Updates
  • FAQ’s
  • Documents – such as forms or relevant procedures
  • CDC RSS Feed
  • Scrolling / important alerts

Since the site is built on the HospitalPORTAL intranet platform your site has access to the full suite of intranet components for cases where the built-in template does not include content capability which your organization requires.

The HospitalPORTAL content management system is very easy to use and will not require IT intervention to get set up with your information. Videos are provided if you do encounter questions or need a little help getting started.

Share COVID19 updates and announcements securely

Your organization’s confidentiality and privacy are important to us, so you may choose to either expose the site to the public or protect the site so it can only be accessed from within your organization.

Please don’t fill out the request form to request a site or a quick demo.

Please be assured there will be NO CHARGE for this service.

We are delivering this service to you as a small token of appreciation to what you do as a healthcare provider in these difficult times. Yes, we certainly hope you will like our solution and, in the future, decide to extend its use to full Intranet functions. If you don’t, we will still be happy knowing our product was utilized to help you during these challenging times.

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