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On Tuesday, HospitalPortal hosted an educational webinar on the topic of “Transforming Human Resources Communication in Hospitals with an Intranet.” We were humbled by the enthusiastic turnout with HR professionals from and impressive array of healthHuman Resources Intranetcare organizations. Thanks to audience feedback, we learned that one attending healthcare organization would like to implement tracking which staff has watched educational videos among other educational media and documents as well as advertise specific classes and educational offerings. Another liked the idea of publishing updates on inter-departmental contests as part of their wellness program. An additional attendee noted their desire to automate overtime and leave requests.

The session began with an overview of HR communication that lends itself to publishing and promotion on the intranet:

-Onboarding task management and forms, including use of electronic fillable forms

-Links to and information about benefits providers, discount programs, and internal classifieds

-Nomination processing and announcement of various types of recognition programs

-Class Registration and publishing eLearning content

-Suggestions for utilization of electronic fillable forms with automated workflow

-Ideas for integration with other systems to automate paystubs, benefit enrollment, employee reviews

-Tools and best practices to boost engagement with feature stories, news and announcements with commenting ability

-Online application for internal job postings, employee referral programs, and incentives

-Automating Policy management

The presentation portion concluded with examples of recently designed intranets and their sophisticated graphics. Attendees were then asked to share ways they would like to improve HR communication on the intranet going forward. Several specific thoughts were identified by the group including electronic forms to automate overtime and leave requests, schedule request approvals, peer review, publish and track educational and supporting materials.

Next, we took a look at real-world scenarios with a demonstration. Highlights from the demonstration included

-A look at a typical HR departmental page

-Publishing information on benefits

-Forms publishing and popular electronic forms

-Applying online for job openings

-Online class registration and publishing training videos

-Task management for the onboarding process

-Use of Outlook integration with calendar events

In the Question and Answer session, a few additional questions stood out:

Q: Is it possible to track staff watching an educational video. A: Yes, using the Policies and Procedures Read Acknowledgement feature.

Q: Can fitness/wellness activity and competition between departments be tracked online? A: We have seen organizations use dashboards and graphs for this purpose.

Q: How often does IT need to get involved in maintaining info on the intranet? A: With decentralized content management, departmental super-users deal with day-to-day maintenance and publishing. IT is more involved in initial setup, trouble-shooting, and so forth.

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