The Benefits of Software as a Service

Benefits of Software as a Service

When it comes to Intranet and Policy Management Software, there are two primary options: software-graphicinstalled software or Software as a Service (SaaS). Throughout the years, cloud computing has become increasingly more popular in the healthcare sector. However, both solutions offer different advantages. Installed software typically offers more customization, more control over features, and more in-depth integration. On the other hand, healthcare clients are beginning to opt for hosted solutions due to its quick and flexible implementation, user-friendliness, typically lower upfront costs, and much more.

HospitalPORTAL offers both installed and SaaS solutions. If you’re unsure which model is best for your company, our team members are available to help you evaluate! In the meantime, here are some things that you should know about the increasingly popular SaaS Model:

  • The SaaS model application is hosted using cloud computing (in our case, it is hosted on HospitalPORTAL’s servers). If you choose this option, it means that you would be paying for the license or authorization to use this software over a period of time. It also means that everything is already installed and configured, so it is quick to get up and running within your organization.
  • SaaS models are flexible. Flexibility in payment options and service terms are often appealing aspects of this model. Monthly fees are inclusive of support, maintenance, full backups, and maintenance releases. Your vendor will maintain both the hardware and software throughout the service term. Most software vendors offering SaaS models will allow clients to discontinue their service any time after the first 12 months which with an ever-changing healthcare landscape is often a desirable option.
  • Your provider implements upgrades and feature enhancements periodically to keep your system running on the most current version. Smaller updates and bug fixes should typically be free of charge and occur automatically. Larger upgrades may require a little more effort and money. Overall, it is usually simpler and less expensive to upgrade a hosted solution than an installed solution because the hardware and software requirements fall on the hosting company.
  • With a hosted solution, you can still have secure access to the server from any device at any time, simply by logging in. Installed software is only accessible on those machines that have the application downloaded. Providers maintain the highest standard of security and HIPAA compliance; however users might feel better control over security measures with an installed solution as they manage their servers internally.
  • SaaS solutions integrate seamlessly with other SaaS offerings. That said, you may need to invest in other SaaS solutions to keep everything working together smoothly. If you already have multiple installed applications and would prefer to keep them as is, installed solutions will integrate well with them.
  • Hosted solutions are well liked by healthcare IT departments as they put less work and stress on their staff for smaller issues and they can cut down on initial hardware or implementation costs.

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