The Role of Policy Management in Digital Transformation

By Anne Sweeney | 12/12/17 10:00 AM


Properly done, digital transformation allows organizations to be more connected, agile, informed and secure, as well as reduce the costs of compliance and security. It can also encourage accountability amongst staff. The right policy management automation tool can often be the cornerstone of a successful transformation.

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Top IT Initiatives for Quality Healthcare

By Jason Oshita | 11/28/17 10:00 AM


Healthcare IT protects the data necessary to achieve quality service. Protecting healthcare data is the heart of quality healthcare; it determines what changes are necessary for improvements, allows comparison of performance indicators and helps to proactively evaluate current practices. Here are five of the must-haves for IT effectiveness that can improve a healthcare organization's ability to deliver quality service.

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Quick Tips: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Policy Management System

By Anne Sweeney | 4/18/17 11:00 AM

A policy management system is a technological solution that helps your organization keep your Depositphotos_4670208_xs.jpgdocuments secure, organized, and running through a smooth workflow. While it automates processes, saves time, and takes some of the stress and burden off of staff, it still requires some TLC to truly work its magic. Here are some quick reminders and things that your staff can be doing to get the most out of your policy management system.

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How to use Your Intranet To Organize Internal Communications

By Jason Oshita | 12/20/16 11:00 AM

A common issue among hospitals, long-term care facilities, and ambulatory surgical clinics is Depositphotos_10284510_xs.jpgmanaging the large and constant volume of information. While there isn’t an ideal amount of time to dedicate to review content since the majority of the staff is usually out on the floor, an Intranet provides a solution. Besides acting as a news source, communication tool, and organizational resource, an Intranet makes content review simple and quick. Read on to learn about how you can best utilize your Intranet to keep your internal communications neat, streamlined, and easy as ever.

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Are You Protected From Ransomware Attacks?

By Jason Oshita | 11/29/16 11:00 AM

Ransomware targets users of all kind, from home users, businesses, organizations, and more. If this bigstock-Computer-Labtop-Display-Icon-F-109263626.jpg
malware threat infects your practice, the results can be destructive. From education to prevention training, there are many ways to keep these attacks at bay.

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Engagement Tips For Your Healthcare Website And Employee Portal

By Jason Oshita | 11/15/16 11:00 AM


It’s no secret that your employee portal and your website serve two different functions, have two Depositphotos_24863797_original.jpgdifferent voices and take on two different personas. Your Intranet works to consolidate all functions within the workplace, automating processes and communications with other staff members. In short, your Intranet focuses on engagement between employees so that you can carry out the best possible work. The portal is behind-the-scenes. Your website, on the other hand, is the face of the organization. It serves to market your practice to the public. It engages patients and tries to reach out to potential new patients. Here are some tips on engagement with your healthcare website and your employee and staff Intranet.

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3 Lifesaver Uses of an Intranet - eGuide

By HospitalPORTAL | 9/27/16 11:00 AM

Each department and task in the workplace comes with it's own set of challenges. Your Intranet serves a versatile and efficient tool to overcome these challenges and help make your life a little bit easier. With the help of our eGuide, 3 Lifesaver Uses of an Intranet, you can learn about the best practices and functions while utilizing your Intranet.

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Why Content Is Important To Your Healthcare Marketing Efforts

By Jason Oshita | 9/20/16 11:00 AM

Content is at the epicenter of marketing efforts for your healthcare organization - it is what helps you depositphotos_11363097_xs.jpgconnect with your patients and their families directly. It is important for any healthcare business to have a proper content strategy that allows them to share success stories, general information, expert opinions, case studies, and staff highlights. A successful content strategy considers the audience it’s targeting and develops clear messages to address the dynamics of their targeted group.

 A post published by Hubspot cites a study by Pew Research that found almost 72% of Internet users searched for health related information in 2015. It also says that healthcare is the second-most searched for service on the Internet. This is one statistic that proves the importance of a proper content marketing strategy for your healthcare organization.

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Branding Your Hospital Intranet: Why it Needs a Personality of its Own

By Jason Oshita | 8/9/16 11:00 AM

The hospital Intranet is your go-to source for all things happening amongst your organization. That said,Depositphotos_25940271_xs.jpg the personality of the Intranet should reflect the brand of the hospital and work culture with the information it provides, design elements and a name.

Developing your Intranet with a specific brand allows employees to better see it as an important part of the workplace, makes it more hands-on, and differentiates it from other sources of information.

Utilize these ideas to better brand your Intranet:

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The Importance and Management of Internal Communications in a Hospital Setting

By Giuliana LaMantia | 8/2/16 11:00 AM

Effective internal communication is imperative in a hospital setting. Since information passed on Depositphotos_5531745_xs.jpginternally is often critical and time-sensitive, all channels of communication must be efficient and kept unclogged. With hectic schedules and numerous departments in a hospital, a smooth information flow can be challenging at times.

Internal communication reflects on external communication: the information shared with patients and their families. Maintaining healthy, open lines internally keeps employees well-informed and fosters trust and engagement between them. It allows them to better carry out their jobs while interacting with patients, which in turn reinforces the integrity of the organization. Your hospital Intranet portal consolidates information and tasks, making it a prime tool for keeping internal communications organized.

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