Kicking Cancer in the Teeth

By Anne Sweeney | 9/9/14 11:25 AM

Fight Breast CancerThis morning, I came across someone's contact information who had attended one of our educational webinars who I don't know at all and emailed him--nothing out of the ordinary, pretty routine.  We all get so many out of office notifications from folks we email these days, I am probably not the only one guilty of not always even opening them, much less reading the details of when the person will be back.  For some reason, I opened the one from this healthcare executive, who shall of course remain nameless unless he should see this post and choose to speak up.  It stopped me in my tracks.  The notification was brief, and began "I will be out of the office for several weeks while I am kicking cancer in the teeth." and remarkably concluded with "Have a super day!"  Talk about putting things in perspective.

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