Hospital Intranet Content: Paycheck & W2 vouchers on the Intranet

By George Ciesielski | 2/10/15 8:23 AM

Several years ago I was tasked with implementing a solution where payroll check stub vouchers were published on the intranet so that employees could view, download and print their pay check stub if they wished.  Back then modern payroll systems were just beginning to adopt the practice of generating electronic files that were usually emailed to the employees instead of printing and handing out or even physically mailing of the stubs to the employee.  So on that initial implementation I ended up doing some fairly tricky programming to accept the payroll data from electronic dumps of the print outs then I re-presented this data in a web friendly format on the Hospital’s intranet site for the logged in user to see only their payroll check data. 

These days distribution of electronic paycheck stubs does not have to be so complicated. Enabling your Intranet for secure electronic access to payroll information is quite feasible.

Simplify distribution of W2 forms and paycheck Vouchers using your hospital's Intranet

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