Should You Upgrade SharePoint, Or Purchase An Out-of-the-Box Intranet?

By Anne Sweeney | 6/20/17 11:00 AM

It’s no secret that Microsoft SharePoint is one of the biggest players in the Intranet scope. With their latestbigstock-Doctor-3730785.jpg on-premise solution, SharePoint 2016, or their SaaS option, SharePoint Online, we’ve encountered numerous organizations in the healthcare sector facing the decision of whether to upgrade their SharePoint Intranet for more features, or to find a new Intranet solution. All in all, SharePoint isn’t always the answer. What this decision really comes down to is analyzing your practice’s needs with the features each solution can provide.

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Kicking Cancer in the Teeth

By Anne Sweeney | 9/9/14 11:25 AM

Fight Breast CancerThis morning, I came across someone's contact information who had attended one of our educational webinars who I don't know at all and emailed him--nothing out of the ordinary, pretty routine.  We all get so many out of office notifications from folks we email these days, I am probably not the only one guilty of not always even opening them, much less reading the details of when the person will be back.  For some reason, I opened the one from this healthcare executive, who shall of course remain nameless unless he should see this post and choose to speak up.  It stopped me in my tracks.  The notification was brief, and began "I will be out of the office for several weeks while I am kicking cancer in the teeth." and remarkably concluded with "Have a super day!"  Talk about putting things in perspective.

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Innovation in Rural Healthcare: A Video Interview

By Anne Sweeney | 4/4/14 4:06 PM

At, we are always delighted to celebrate our clients’ successes with them.  The following video is an interview conducted at the October, 2013 National Rural Health Association Critical Access Hospital Conference.

Robb Gardner, CEO of Henry County Health Center, comments on innovation in rural healthcare, the importance of internal communication in hospitals, and their recent recognition as an Intranet Innovation Awards winner.  The Intranet Innovation Awards is a prestigious international recognition.  This year’s only other US honorees were Mayo Clinic Department of Nursing, Disney, and Virgin America.   Gardner attended the conference as faculty to present a Case Study on Henry County Health Center’s intranet.

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Recap: How to Develop Engaging Video Content for Internal Communication

By Anne Sweeney | 10/31/13 10:18 AM

Last week, we at were delighted to feature a dynamic and sought-after speaker, Denise McKee, COO of About Face Media.  About Face creates award-winning documentary-style videos to help companies share their stories with a variety of different audiences. 

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How Big is Your Imagination? | HospitalPORTAL Blog

By Anne Sweeney | 6/21/13 10:39 AM

Custom Intranet FunctionalitySo often when we talk to new hospitals about their goals in improving internal communication, the needs are the same—implement a single place folks can go for whatever information they’re looking for, provide real-time updates as opposed to having to distribute information, access to administrative documentation of various sorts.  Of course, those are all very important basics of communication and are quite often a quantum leap forward.

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Key Intranet Features Hospital Marketing Departments LOVE

By Anne Sweeney | 5/10/13 9:30 AM

Excited marketing teamHospitals’ marketing departments often serve as the intranet’s visionary and business owner, which usually bodes well for the intranet.  Marketing staff are usually tech savvy, ahead of the curve, and have an eye for graphics that will not only promote the hospital brand but also reel staff in to interact with the intranet. 

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The Intranet as a Physician Alignment and Retention Tool

By George Ciesielski | 4/15/13 2:11 PM

Engaged PhysiciansOpen and Active Communication is one of the most important ways to establish strong relationships with everyone in your hospital or health network but even more so with your physicians.  Will physicians be enthusiastic cheerleaders (or more importantly refer patients) for your organization if they feel that their feedback is lost or ignored?  What about if your physicians feel that your organization is disorganized or slow to react?  Of course not!  There are numerous financial reasons why pleasing your physicians is important.  So take the first step in engaging and satisfying your physicians: use your intranet as a physician communication portal which in turn will make it into a physician recruiting tool.

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Using an Image Gallery on your hospital intranet

By Justin Oshita | 2/27/13 10:06 AM

Image Gallery screen shotAt  HospitalPORTAL, we're always finding ways to evolve by coming out with new features that improve user experience, one of which is the Intranet Images and Gallery component.  An image gallery might not stand out to you as an important piece of the intranet, but it is the way it is used that makes it a valued addition.

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