Ice cream, Soda, and Rx

By Giuliana LaMantia | 12/5/17 1:58 PM

PennDrug Collage.png

Article to be featured in Rural Horizons  Magazine (Office Publication for the NRHA) in the January/February 2018 Issue. 

The small town of Sidney is home to one of the only remaining old-fashioned soda fountains in Southwest Iowa. It resides in a place the locals call “Penn’s,” along with coffee, food, and a gift shop. It even has a soft-serve ice cream machine.   Penn’s, officially named Penn Drug Co., is also the oldest pharmacy in Iowa, and a staple of the town.

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3 Great Intranet Features Hospital Pharmacies Love

By Anne Sweeney | 8/22/17 11:00 AM

An Intranet is an incredible asset to a hospital pharmacy. Besides being a centralized Depositphotos_25940271_xs.jpgcommunication system between pharmacy staff and the rest of the organization, it provides many features to advance the department. From publishing pharmaceutical information, managing your unique policies and procedures, to providing security for department materials, an Intranet creates a robust and resourceful space for your pharmacy. Read on to learn more.

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