Is Your Intranet Protected From Data Loss?

By George Ciesielski | 10/25/16 11:00 AM

When a new Intranet installation is configured, we always communicate with the IT team to make sure that Depositphotos_4277763_original-1_m_e.jpgcertain aspects of your Intranet site be backed up in case of disaster. Unfortunately, what you configured years ago may have been broken by updates or reconfigurations of devices or disks. Take this opportunity to check on your backups so that you don't suffer data loss.

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Features of the Policies and Procedures Manager Software

By Giuliana LaMantia | 8/23/16 11:00 AM

When it comes to choosing a new technology product for your facility, it’s imperative to look at functionality.Depositphotos_39070885_xs.jpg Implementation can mean a significant strain on your IT department, as well as the rest of your staff. With an innovative infrastructure, the P&P Manager ensures a smooth integration into your current system, and our numerous tools make it easy to maintain once it is up and running. Here are the most relevant features our Policies and Procedures Manager offers to make the lives of your IT department easier:

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Tips To Retain Hospital Staff

By Anne Sweeney | 7/26/16 11:00 AM

Hospitals, medical centers, and healthcare organizations incur some of the highest internal costs compared to other industries. That said, they are always on the hunt for innovative ways to reduce their internal costs, tighten their expenditures and minimize healthcare policy changes.

Use your Intranet to Retain Quality StaffDepositphotos_24863797_original.jpg

Retaining a highly experienced and already trained hospital staff makes a positive impact on costs. Staff can range from doctors, surgeons, nurses, and even the housekeeping and cleaning department of the hospital. Retaining a skilled workforce will save a hospital thousands of dollars over a period of time. Activities like revitalizing or cleaning up computer equipment for the new staff member, training of new staff, and the potential costs of recruiting can affect a hospital’s bottom line.

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By Anne Sweeney | 7/7/16 10:00 AM announced the addition of a new client, Star Valley Medical Center in Afton, WY. Star Valley purchased a Full Intranet Content Management System that includes a built-in Policies and Procedures solution.

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3 Great Tips For Using Your Hospital Intranet

By George Ciesielski | 7/5/16 11:00 AM

Depositphotos_28276819_m.jpgAs a result of its’ multiple advantages, the Intranet has become an indispensable tool in hospitals. It can streamline communication between staff and enhance efficiency in ways that traditional modes of communication cannot.

 Office Intranets have undergone improvements since their early days of clunky interfaces. The design of modern hospital Intranet software is comparable to the social networks that you may use to keep in touch with friends and relatives, both in utility and function. For instance, the hospitals using these internal communication microsites make it easy for leadership and stakeholders to improve and increase engagement between employees.

 Many hospital administrators forget about the importance of engaging with employees and physicians. Your staff wants to feel that they are heard and valued. Your internal communications software makes fostering open dialogues simple and efficient. Here are some ways you can help your employees make the most out of your Hospital Intranet.

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Overcoming Communication Challenges Between Employers and Hourly Employees

By Anne Sweeney | 6/22/16 3:50 PM


Many employers have a challenging time communicating with their hourly workers. We have outlined some tips on ways your organization can reach these employees better.

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