How An Intranet Can Help You Remain Compliant With IRC Section 501(r)

By Jason Oshita | 9/26/17 11:00 AM

The IRS is amping up enforcement when it comes to IRC Section 501(r) in the form of field Depositphotos_15659611_xs.jpgexaminations. The rule ensures that charitable hospitals are tax-exempt and explains the criteria to remain exempt. However, organizations found not adhering to all criteria can lead to hefty fines and audits of other areas such as payroll, benefits, etc. That said, it’s important to make sure your care center remains compliant with this section. Here are some quick ways that you can utilize your Intranet to help you follow criteria to remain tax exempt.

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5 Projects To Implement Now To Improve Your Intranet

By Jason Oshita | 9/5/17 11:00 AM

When it comes to your Intranet, a little creativity goes a long way. The countless features your portal offers Depositphotos_42812197_original.jpgmakes it simple to incorporate new projects, pages, and forums to improve internal communications, workflows, and more. Turn your brilliant ideas into reality (your vendor will be able to help you, too!) Not sure where to begin? Here are 5 Intranet project ideas to get you started.

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How To Be A Well-Rounded Communicator In The Workplace

By HospitalPORTAL | 6/27/17 11:00 AM

Being able to speak to, listen to, and empathize with others is important in any workplace setting. iStock_000008162684Small.jpgFrom communicating with patients, working with those across departments, or simply chatting with those in your own department, there are many things to be mindful of to ensure you are being a well-rounded communicator. Check out these tips we’ve gathered to help make you more versatile in the workplace when it comes to sharing information and getting to know others.

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What You Need To Know About The DOJ Evaluation Of Compliance Programs

By Anne Sweeney | 3/14/17 11:00 AM

Last month, the Department of Justice Fraud Section released an Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Depositphotos_25940271_xs.jpgPrograms Guide. The guide hones in on 11 topics, providing numerous questions within each topic to be asked while evaluating the compliance of a company. Specifically, the questions are posed in a way to evaluate after something has already fallen through in the compliance program, in an effort to bring things back to standards.

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Why Your Organization Should Attend The Strategic Internal Communications

By HospitalPORTAL | 2/28/17 11:00 AM

The Advanced Learning Institute’s (ALI) 2nd Strategic Internal Communications for Health Care takes Depositphotos_42038337_original.jpg
place April 19-21 in Chicago. The conference will host successful organizations and speakers to share their experiences, hear your stories, and talk all things communication and healthcare-oriented. The best part? If you register for this event before March 3, you’ll save $400! What is better than that you ask? If you mention HospitalPORTAL into the promo code, you can receive an additional $200 off! If you do end up attending, come find us, we will have a booth too.


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How to use Your Intranet To Organize Internal Communications

By Jason Oshita | 12/20/16 11:00 AM

A common issue among hospitals, long-term care facilities, and ambulatory surgical clinics is Depositphotos_10284510_xs.jpgmanaging the large and constant volume of information. While there isn’t an ideal amount of time to dedicate to review content since the majority of the staff is usually out on the floor, an Intranet provides a solution. Besides acting as a news source, communication tool, and organizational resource, an Intranet makes content review simple and quick. Read on to learn about how you can best utilize your Intranet to keep your internal communications neat, streamlined, and easy as ever.

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