3 Ways to Prioritize Your Intranet Portal with Minimal Effort

By Jason Oshita | 5/1/18 8:00 AM

supportHost your Intranet on your vendor’s cloud

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Healthcare Organizations Receive Top Awards

By Anne Sweeney | 12/12/17 12:00 PM


This fall we’ve had a great deal of inspiring moments that we’d love to share. Many of our clients have been nationally recognized for their amazing Intranets. Some of the award providers include the Digital Health Awards and the Pelican Awards. Both of these award groups have been recognizing healthcare organizations for their digital innovations for over 20 years. Through their dedicated award submission efforts, these select clients below were able to demonstrate creativity in functionality, content, and overall exceptional design to win awards for their organizations. We’re so happy we can honor them again today for their outstanding Intranets.

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5 Helpful Ideas For Intranet Maintenance And Upkeep

By Jason Oshita | 10/10/17 11:00 AM

Your medical Intranet keeps your workflow in check and your communications consolidated. However, depositphotos_checklist_xs.jpglike any program, there are some general housekeeping tasks you can implement to ensure everything runs like a fine-oiled machine. Here are some maintenance tips for your Intranet to help keep everything up-to-date.

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Best Practices Guide For Redesigning Your Intranet

By Giuliana LaMantia | 12/6/16 11:00 AM

Every so often, we need a refresh in the workplace. One way to achieve this is to redesign your Intranet. Depositphotos_21468883_xs.jpgAs time goes by, the needs of your organization may change, your brand evolves, and technology advances. A new layout for your portal is a great way to keep things as fresh, updated and intuitive as possible. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps the next time you need a new design.

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