Hospital Intranet Portal Governance – Why do you need it?

By Albert Jurkiewicz | 8/21/18 8:32 AM

An Intranet is a very special kind of computer system. Just like any other enterprise level software, it needs strong support from the internal IT team as well as from the vendor to ensure it runs optimally and without any hiccups or issues.

Hospital Intranet governance groups play critical role during initial implementation and once the system is installed.

At the same time a hospital Intranet, in its core, serves as an internal organization-wide communication platform for internal communication, knowledge sharing, document and policy access as well as administrative workflow automation within a hospital. Because these requirements are very different for each facility and they change over time, and also because multiple stakeholders and many different points of view need to be addressed, it is important that an internal oversight committee is formed to ensure the Intranet is continuously optimized for all of its end users.

Being able to effectively manage all end users’ objectives in an ever changing environment that is often decentralized can be quite a task that calls for more than one person or department.

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How to Build a Great Intranet in 30 days

By Albert Jurkiewicz | 8/22/17 9:39 AM

project-managementBuilding a great intranet is not an easy task. There are many aspects to consider and a lot of expectations for an intranet these days. However daunting a task this may be, we have had excellent success building great intranets quickly by following a proven system and setting realistic expectations. Today's post will discuss some of these best practices and guide you toward your goal of a great intranet.

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3 Keys to a Successful Intranet Implementation

By Jason Oshita | 2/2/16 11:18 AM

GoLiveAs the Manager of Client Services here at, I serve as the main project manager for most of the Intranet and Policy Manager implementations. Here are a few tips that I have picked up from my experiences working with our clients that could greatly help in the rollout of your upcoming Intranet project.

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Why Does My Hospital Need a Board Portal?

By George Ciesielski | 8/6/15 8:30 AM

Depositphotos_8849459_xs The board of directors is most influential on the direction and future of a hospital so why do so many hospitals neglect to implement a “Board Portal” directly on the hospitals’ intranet site? Is it not vital that board members not only have ease of communication but also have unified and consistent documents and information disseminated to all members? Not convinced? Here are 4 important reasons to publish a board portal:

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Decentralized Content Management Using Your Intranet

By George Ciesielski | 12/11/13 4:13 PM

Intranet_ComponentsA successful intranet is one where everyone in the organization participates in creating and maintaining the published content.  In the past it was common for a hospitals' Information Technology department to be solely responsible for publishing updates to the content of the intranet site.  The process was slow and cumbersome typically with departments identifying the necessary changes, developing change orders that are then forwarded to the IT department where a dedicated person would receive the change orders and eventually (at their convenience) update the intranet site.  This process was loaded with problems.  The changes would often be lost in translation where IT would make updates which the departments did not expect or were not exactly what the department needed which would require a cycle of change requests and updates by IT before the content was updated correctly.  Often the IT department would sit on the change request so the content was not being updated in a timely fashion.  Frequently departments would altogether give up on requests they deemed not important enough because of the tedious nature of the process. 

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Create a Governance Group When Choosing & Implementing a New Intranet

By Justin Oshita | 10/16/13 2:52 PM

Intranet Governance GroupWhen considering an intranet project, a key feature to look for is its ease of use.  Intranet platforms like make managing content easy enough that non-technical department administrators can update information themselves.  These types of systems are great because IT staff is freed up to concentrate on other mission critical tasks and department information is always up to date.  However, they are only effective when the editors work together. 

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