Hospital Intranet and Policy Implementation is Sending IT on Vacation

By George Ciesielski | 9/22/15 8:26 AM

Does your hospital REALLY need an Intranet, Policy & Procedure system or both but your IT department vacation.jpgjust doesn’t have the time and resources to implement one? 

The role that the IT department plays in such implementations has dramatically changed over the years as more and more people become technically savvy and comfortable utilizing technology to ease their daily lives.

In the not so distant past if a hospital had an intranet site it was 100% managed by the IT department meaning that whenever ANY piece of information needed to get published on the intranet site the end users would forward the change to IT which would then eventually complete the requested change(s). And for policies and procedures the process was even more miserable with 100% manual approaches to proofing, reviewing, approving and publishing of policies. Typically the end result was mass printing of the policy and manual update of binders throughout the organization.

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